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Pop some popcorn and put on your jammies, because this is going to be long.

Ok, so here I am, 17 years old, and I don’t really understand what’s going on. You tell me if I am a jerk, or if I am depressed, (or anything that might pop into your head) after reading what I’ve written below. I wake up in the morning, not looking forward to the day ahead. Because I know that it is going to be miserable. It is the same thing, day after day after day. I eat breakfast, get in the car so my mom can drive me to school, and wait FOREVER for my sister to come out of the house so that we can leave. I get to school, and I hang out with my friends while there is a little bit of time before classes start. I go through my day feeling retarded and alone, admiring girls from a distance, and getting decent grades. I try to be funny to the people that I talk to, and sometimes they laugh, but sometimes not. can’t win em all, but yeah… Continuing, I eat my lunch with few friends (rest are in different lunches) and then I take one more class and the day is over. I walk around the school with my best buddy, and we look for pocket change that anyone may have dropped (one day we found 7 cents, WOO-HOO!). Then after that, my mom picks my sister and I up from school, and they always need to run errands (not quick ones either). When I finally get home, I just get on this here computer and either play solitare, check my many email addresses, look on craigslist, or give advice here on FunAdvice. Occaisionaly I will go to a school dance, which is kind of lame because no one will go to them. I can’t help but be a jerk to anyone who is acting passionate about something; like the DJ. He’ll say into the mic “How we all doin tonight?” And I’ll yell something like “I’m doing sitty” Or “Just fcking dandy”. I know it isn’t nice, but I can’t help it. Sometimes people make me really sick with their enthusiasm, and you may get sick of it too, but it doesn’t take much at all for me to just go “Auuuggghhh…” Whenever I hear someone yelling passionately about… like a school sporting event. (I stay away from the cheerleaders). After looking at things on craigslist, usually I find a nice car or truck that I wouldn’t mind driving (I like boring things, not neccesarily sportscars) and I mention them to my mom. My mom always says something like “We’ll get your license soon”. Really? YOU’VE BEEN SAYING THAT FOR THE LAST YEAR AND A HALF! WHAT’S GOING TO MAKE ME BELIEVE YOU NOW? I am sick of it. I have the money for the insurance, I know how to drive, I am very responsible with never having had a drink or a smoke, line, needle, etc. I passed drivers ed with flying colors,and I’m still nowhere. My mom tells me to get a job (even before the economy crapped out), but if I can’t GET there, how am I supposed to do the work? This town is a hilly area, ridable by bike but dangerous as hell. And any bike I’ve got always has something breaking on it, so they are unreliable. Like I’ve said I’ve got money for insurance, but I don’t want to buy a new bicycle if all its going to do is become a paice of junk. I get teased because I don’t drive. I’ll add more as advice comes in. Thanks… P.S. THIS IS NOT A SOB STORY IT IS A DAY TO DAY THING THAT I AM VERY SICK OF. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I’m in a rural area too. VERY rural.

Answer #1

my life’s very similar, I go to school, get good grades, come home, do homework and thats it. that pretty much sums up the past 2 months of my life. I’ve been grounded for that amount of time and have been without my car phone and facebook/myspace. (I somehow managed to find this site, im so happy about that)

if your life is anything like mine, you just more freedom to make your own decisions. you want more fun in your life. try bargaining with your mom. im in the run for an 80k scholarship so im assuming that if I get that my life will be so much easier. try something along that line. college is a really good option to make your mom proud of you, especially if she thinks your not going to go. try a community college, or online ones. it’ll show your responsible, and your taking control of your own destiny.

I cant relate to the rural part, but beig grounded is very suffocatiing. it might be even worse because im in a city of 80,000, so temptations are all around.

the best advice that I can offer is to 1, get a woman 2, show resposibility=rewards from mom… 3, take it and just wait. 4,a rebelious stage (with self restrictions) where you let loos for your senior year and embrace senioritis.

hope this helped. keep us posted on how everything goes

Answer #2

I completely agree with everyone else. You sound like a typical, 17 year old…bored. Getting a hobby is a really good idea. Find something you like to do at school or outside of it which gives you a purpose.

Problem is, you’re coming home and withdrawing every day. You need to do something that gets you out. A car won’t solve anything if you have nowhere to go, so get yourself a place you enjoy.

And while I know everyone says this: look forward to college. You will have more activity choices than you can imagine there, and people more like you (no cheerleaders if you don’t want them there.) Maybe to occupy your time now you can research some schools.

Answer #3

Thats how sometimes how I feel,just think only one more year and you will tecnically be a adult so you can go to collage in a exiting place.

Answer #4

what do I think about your life? sounds boring. you need to change something. I suggest watching more movies. not by yourself…invite friends over. someone brings chips, someone brings dip, someone brings soda, etc. watch a movie, live the dream. you wanna kick it up a notch? have everyone invite a friend that your group doesn’t know. kind of a meet and greet type of thing. that’ll kick your social life in gear. do you have guitar hero or rock band? find someone who does, and start having get togethers to play it. surround yourself with happy people, and your life becomes happy…plain and simple. good luck with that…live the dream.

Answer #5

Well I think that you are bored, and are much to pessimistic. You have health, while some people (like me) have to wonder if their dad is ever going to come home from the hospital alive. You have a home, while others are on the street, a best friend, all the basic necessities of life. Your not starving, or an orphan, or a complete outcast and ridiculed. You have a very nice life, dont complain about a little bit or boredome. Get out and do something about it.

Answer #6

Sounds like your life has become mundane and boring.

I can’t help you with the license issue - that’s something you have to work out with your mother, but for life in general, it sounds like you need to change things up a bit.

Find a new hobby - take up the guitar, or get into an extra-cirricular activity.

You don’t sound depressed, but you do seem to be comfortable in your misery, and it won’t get any better unless you take the initiative to change things.

Answer #7

Oh, I’m not going to college. I just want to get out of here.

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