What do you think about nursing as a profession?

Do you think nursing is a good profession to get into? Are there any nurses on here that would highly recommend it? I am about to start nursing school in the spring but I want to make sure I am choosing the right profession for myself. I love working with people, helping others is a passion of mine, and I’ve always been interested in the medical field. I just want to make sure that 10 years from, it will still be something that I love. Give me some pro’s and con’s. Anything would help, thanks!

Answer #1

I definitely recommend working in the field as a CNA first. You will really get an idea if this is the career for you. I became a nurse because I like to help people but you can also help people as a social worker, counselor etc. Nursing is a stressful job but I love the flexible hours and the many different areas in which you can specialize. I also love the security and the salary doesn’t hurt : ) Just remember: you will always have a job!!

Answer #2

So, I should have asked this same question about 1 year ago to get some opinions. I was recently in the Nurisng program at school, what I found out, was, that nursing was not for me! I absolutely hated it!! However, when I went into nursing I thought, yeah, there are some yucky things involved, but that’s not what it’s all about.. I can handle this. I thought I’d like it, I was excited because I thought it made lots of money.. But once in the program and acting as a “student nurse” it’s a whole new ballgame!! If I were to do it all over again.. I wouldn’t.. I hated nursing… To start off, not sure if all schools do this or not. But at my school, they started us with the elderly.. We started doing CNA work.. Have you ever been a CNA?? You should try that out before going into nursing.. CNA work is not actually what the nurse does in the end, but it is always part of the job. Patient care is priority. DO what the patient wants is what you have to do. Even if it means, you are a RN, you might still have to wipe a dirty butt here and there.. IF that’s what you are ok with, then nursing may be for you, but it sure was NOT for me.. Also, with working with the elderly, they are not always “all there.” They get confused throughout the day. They are scared of dieing. They wish they could do more than they can. They turn into miserable people. They don’t get visitors. They yell at the CNA’s, and Nurses, just because they are miserable they make everyone else around them miserable. I know not all old people are like that, but a lot are!! I promise!! Then, with nursing, you have to deal with passing pills, meds, drugs.. You have addicts, that pretend to be sick or hurt to just get drugs.. Those kinds of people make me sick!! You have the stress of double checking and being cautious of how much to give because you can really hurt or maybe kill someone so easily with the wrong med dose.. You also have to be ok with blood.. INurses give shots, go to surgeries, and see lots of blood. You have to be ok with being in people’s personal space. Nursing has a lot to do with touching others, and sometimes in inappropriate places. If you are shy or conservative, this career might not be for you. Nursing you are on your feet a lot, you better be ready to go go go, and maybe even skip your lunch and all your breaks in the day.. You will work with other nurses that are “hard to deal with” as with any and all other jobs… Nursing you need to deal with the dr’s Dr’s are not always nice, they are stern, hard and sometimes mean. You need to have a strong back bone.. Stay strong and fight back.. Be a good nurse if you are going to be a nurse and others Including the dr’s will respect you.

I do know of many many people that really do enjoy nursing. So if you are one of those people that is wonderful!!! You need to ask yourself.. Why have I chosen this career? What about it do I like?? And then reevaluate.. Possibly job shadow a nurse. But that’s not always the real deal.

Also, keep in mind.. nursing school WILL BE HARD!!! but if that’s what you want.. GO FOR IT!! and fight through the hard times..

The pay will be good.. And there are so many options you have… once you have the RN degree!!! Anywhere from Medical Records, which only deals with paper and pencil, a office job!! Or with Emergency.. Fast acting situations with death on hand and saving lifes on hand!! you could work in a Dr’s office. So many options..

Hope this helps.. If you need to know anything else.. Fun mail me!! Good luck!!

Answer #3

I havent personally taken nursing yet..but I am planning to next year. but my mom and my aunt and a friend of mine are nurses. they love it, its such a rewarding job. just to help people and make them smile. especially kids.

also I was in the hospital for 6 months last year and all of the nurses I had loved there job, and they seemed so happy and like they really enjoy it. they were also really motivating and helpful to me. they gave me the strength to recover and keep fighting my disease.

I think nursing will be a lot of hard and yucky work. but totally worth it in the end!!

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