What do you think of people who post pics of themselves all over?

What do you think about people who post photos of themselves all over the internet? For Example: on here, or on myspace, and in forums

Answer #1

As innocent as it may be, it is somewhat of a security risk - a person must be very careful not to provide additional information which would enable them to be physically located.

Answer #2

I did not give up, I am just done playing games with a certain someone. I asked a question, and everyone doesn’t have to agree with my opinion. It never meant to turn into what it did. The people that feel offended by my opinion on the matter of private, seductive photos being posted on the net, should re-read what I originally posted up top cause I never said it was wrong to post photos of yourself on the net. What I did say was that you shouldn’t post sexy or sleezy photos, it’s dangerous and it also makes you look bad. If you look slutty, then people will think that you are a slut. Now, I’m not calling anyone a slut, that was just used as an example. My whold point was to just say that it is not a good idea for young people to post next to nude , sexy, photos of themselves on the net, for everyone to see. Don’t post anything on the net, that you wouldn’t want your parents to see, cause you know they could possible see your photos too. I can’t believe that this turned into a cat fight. I don’t appreciate the insults for my opinions. I’m sure there is a lot of people out there who agree with me but they don’t visit these sites too much cause mostly young people come here who are just like the people I am talking about. Someone, please lock this question cause I dont’ need to keep getting responses in my mail. Someone said that they were going to anyway, what happened?

Answer #3

This is my opinion: I think that most of the people that post photos of themselves are nieve and probably young. They post pictures, mostly to get opinions from others cause they themselves have a low selfesteem so they need to hear that they are pretty. I see all the “close to nude” photos on here and the photos of girls trying to look sexy and they just look sleezy to me. They are advertising their bodies to strangers for them to look at. They don’t think about all the weirdos out there. And I see all these people putting their most personal things on here and I think that is dumb too. You have no idea who is reading what you post and you should be careful. People hack into your info and sell it or even use your idenitityso why are you posting your life stories and your almost naked photos? My guess, is that you are young and dumb and looking for positive comments about yourself to make yourself feel better. Everyone knows that people who flant their bodies and are arrogant are really hiding their own insecurities.

Answer #4

Fun Advice has a strong stance on ‘inappropriate’ photos- nudity and obscene photos generally get deleted. However, the photo sharing is there for a reason- it’s sharing a bit of your life with others.

I put photos up on my photos that get people to know me a bit better than just someone hiding behind a computer, ie: some of me painting (I juggle my artist profession with being an au-pair for 2 lovely boys, I have a photo of my baby nephew (he’s changed my life!), a photo of me and my partner, or me and my best mate… all of these give an idea of the person I am to other people. I don’t post naked pics of me, although I am a big fan of sikashimmer’s “Start a trend- love yourself” campaign, and intend to upload a pic of my tummy any day soon. I’m sorry, but sadstephanie, you asked for opinions. They were given. Deal with it, or walk away.

I’m locking this thread for personal insults. Attack the argument, not the person.

Answer #5

Lost the lock button… oh, there it is…

I (personally) think the idea here should be:

  1. Don’t be ashamed of what you look like
  2. Remember there are young impressionable minds out there, as well as the minds of pervs… you put it up there, you deal with the response
  3. You don’t like it, don’t look.
Answer #6

Yeah all I did was reply to the question and she sends me an e-mail… “you are just offended cause you are one of the ones who try to look sexy in your photo but you just look desperate and fat!”…lol!! So I just lost it on her and kept replying till she gave up.

Answer #7

That would depend on what type of attention you’re seeking…

GOOD - Here’s a picture of me

BAD - Here’s a picture of me all soapy & wet in the shower with strategically placed steam.

Answer #8

I’m not even going to touch that one… XD

xox Sika

Answer #9

The person who stooped to funmailing insults, loses by default…

And YES. Posting slutty or provocative pictures of yourself on ‘social networking’ sites, is done SOLEY for attention.

Answer #10

Yah I’m 18 and in daycare. Nice one? Oh yeah, im an advisor and im mis-using the site… Its called standing up for myself. You were the immature one that decided to send me a FunMail saying I’m fat…

Answer #11

Well then you shouldn’t even be here. People shouldn’t need to be offended on here. Its people like you who judge people and make this site not fun and I’m sure I’m not the only one to think that. I don’t think YOUR getting my point…

Answer #12

Listen, you really can’t fight with someone on a computer. If you don’t like my opinion, then read another question. It’s that simple hun. Grow up and find another, more productive thing to do, then sit on the computer all day.

Answer #13

I’m not too worried if you are offended or not. I don’t think you were getting my point anyways. I was saying how some people put almost naked photos up, not just a photo of themselves. Didn’t you read all that I wrote? Obviously not!

Answer #14

I’ll admit I’m a bit of exhibitionist but getting the right kind of attention is knowing when it is appropriate and when it isn’t. In my default pic you’d never know that a few inches to the right and you’d be seeing a bit more than you’d like. Do I have low self esteem? No. Am I are narcissist? No. (well maybe a little..)

The point is showing your body doesn’t mean you’re “hiding your own insecurities” or “young and dumb and looking for positive comments about yourself to make yourself feel better” quite the contrary being able to “flaunt it” shows that you’re a very confident(not arrogant) person who is comfortable with their own body and celebrate it. It’s a very empowering feeling to be able to “flaunt it”. :)

xox Sika

Answer #15

sadstephanie, Not everyone puts pictures up on here just for comments and I feel like your judging people just because they put a picture of them self up, thats not nice. Its like saying that people that don’t put their picture up are ashamed of their looks, which may not be true. You shouldn’t judge people that way. Us putting pictures up says nothing about our personality usually, unless the person is advertising themselves inappropriately. I kind of feel offended right now.

Answer #16

…is attention bad?

is a self proclaimed spotlight-seeker

xox Sika

Answer #17

and if you don’t have anything to say regarding my question, then don’t post in here anymore. You are mis-using the site.

Answer #18

thank for the update. nice chatting with you. you can go back to daycare now.

Answer #19

but these people on this site do. I just don’t get why people put their private info out there like that. is’s not safe, it’s dumb

Answer #20

Yeah I posted them all in one day? If you READ it says I’ve been a member since NOVEMBERRR.

Answer #21

Haha… Oh yes, I’ve been sitting on the computer all day. Funny how you think you know SO much about me…

Answer #22

I see you have advisor status, look at how many answers you have posted, that’s a lot

Answer #23

I so afree with captainassassin

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