What do you thank off Tiger Woods now,right after what he did?

For me I still like Tiger ,even if he did some thing that was very very bad,because avery body makes mustakes in their lifes,what do you guys thank off Tiger Woods,right after what he did though?

Answer #1

hes my idol.

I wanna be just like him when im a grown up

Answer #2

well im a guy and sleepin with a few other girl friends other then your wife for a few years is fine by me… in fact keep it secret so long I’ll give the guy a clap.

Answer #3

Mr. Woods will never play golf again. Golf is a gentleman’s game. Even the slightest indiscretion is enough to get a golfer banned for life. Anyone who used to listen to the late Alistair Cooke’s Letter From America will know all about it. He talks about this in his letter entitled The Age of the Superbrat broadcast in July 1998. And Mr. Woods didn’t only sleep with women. According to newspaper reports, he also slept with other men! Yes, I am as horrified as you.

Answer #4

[quote] “According to newspaper reports, he also slept with other men! Yes, I am as horrified as you.”[quote]

Well, I can’t say I’v read many of the stories that have appeared, mainly due to not being a golf fan, but mostly due to not having a voyeuristic interest in the lives of celebrities and the like. However, it seems anyone could claim to have slept with Woods and it would be reported. So according to reports he has slept with men, putting libelous statements/stories and marriage aside for a moment, so what? it’s hardly horrific. Not even close to being so.

In general the indiscreations of high profile people have little impact on me. Woods is just a golf player. The only people who should be damaged by what has happened are those involved, especially himself and his family.

Answer #5

Even though what he did was wrong I kind ov respect him. Loads of men do what he did at least he had the guts 2 admit he was in the wrong and apologise.

Answer #6

Everybody makes mistakes, he made a big one. But its not like hes still doing it, he apologized, and just think, if he wasnt famous, this wouldnt be a big deal. It is beingg blown up out of proportion just because hes a celebrity. Everybody, including famous people make mistakes and deserve second chances. What he did was wrong, very wrong, but hes paying for it, just like we pay for our mistakes.

I still think hes a good person and didnt mean to harm anybody. (:

Answer #7

From what I read 50% of married women and 60% of married men have affairs. It is bad that he didn’t keep his promise to his wife and put his entire family in an awkward position but he is human and if you are going to look down on everyone who has had an affair you are talking about a lot of people. A pedestal is a lonely place to be.

The PGA needs Tiger Woods, they are already loosing a lot of money because of his indescribably. I really doubt he would be banned for life. It would be ironic if the country clubs who started to admit blacks because of Tiger Wood now won’t allow him to play.

Mr. Woods has lost a lot of money because of companies who dropped him as a pitchman because they no longer want their products associated with him. I really think he has been punished enough already.

Answer #8

Life and people are not perfect. So what? Tiger Woods made a mistake, but think about it, everyone does. Just because he is a celebrity and famous doesn’t mean to judge him way more than anyone else who does a mistake. He has numerously given speechs about his apologies, so have some slack for the man.

Remember all the great talent this young man has. Whoever has been a fan of his shouldn’t go against him, they should remain as fans and support him all the way.

Answer #9

I still like him. he is not the first to do this. most do but he being a star orders think he is perfect. too bad

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