What do you most hate about this site?

We know, we’re not perfect. In the spirit of open feedback, I’d love it if you’d list your biggest issue with our site. The one thing that bothers you the most, that you hate the most, that if we fixed it, you’d be more likely to recommend us to your friends & family :)

Don’t be shy - we won’ t hold it against you. Please let us know what you hate about our site, so we can learn & make it better. Thanks!

Answer #1

I wish there was a way to delete questions you’ve already asked or possibly edit/change them after you’ve asked…although that might get a little tricky, because if you post a question, then people answer it, then you change the question, it might get confusing. Other than that, it’s pretty good.

Answer #2

the only thing I really hate about this site. is that it doesn’t tell you if like people added you as a friend. and if you got new comments or picture comments. it only tells you about fun mail. it would be a lot easier. and I think you should definetly add smileys to the site! I use smileys all the time. :)

Answer #3

I love this site but the only thing I hate is when people get so snappy about things when you only asked a question if they didnt want to answer its fine.. and dont critasise other peoples writinng

Answer #4

I would like more options in groups. Instead of the single posting thread. Groups can be a big plus for Fun Advise. I would say groups having more options would get people to check in more, to see what their friends are doing. Kind of like stopping off at the cooler or coffee shop for a visit.

Answer #5

When I type an answer, sometimes it doesn’t show up, that just happened a few times today. And in the past too, otherwise the site is great. =]

Answer #6

k what drives me crazzzy is I cant delete my qestions!!! I have a lot I dont want on there anymore and I think we should be able to delete them. there should be like a littel garbage bin beside the qestion. and also..it would be cool if everytime you get a funmail or an answered qestion it would send to your hotmail account. just like facebook. ya know what im saying? who agrees with me? well other than that.. the sights ausome and its a great idea. it really helps with peoples problems and if there 2 afriad to ask anyone else you got funadvice.com babbby its the bomb.com good job DUDE!

Answer #7

we should be able to delete our old questions. if we can then I’m dumb, but I don’t know, thats just me.

Answer #8

I’d like to be able to delete questions.

Answer #9

I HATE the fact that I can’t edit my answers.Or delete them.

Answer #10

the censorship SUCKS! not just on the word “sex” but all words! (the f-word, etc.)

any kid who has successfully logged on to the internet has heard all of these words before, TRUST ME.

to censor them is just ridiculous.

news flash: it’s 2007!!!

Answer #11

I like this site, its cool, I have one queston tho will we ever b able to have music on our profile

Answer #12

deleting questions…

Answer #13

not being able to see if you have new pic comments unless you look through it also people who give shitty advice, but I know you guys can’t do anything about that:)

Answer #14

1.censorship 2.we dont have audio or video do we?

Answer #15

having to constly log back in and not beging able to find surtent topics

Answer #16

I hate when you ask a question, and people answer it with like “I dont know” or answer it with something completely off the topic! Then I get excited because I have another answer, and it’s not an answer.

Answer #17

Yeah, the 3 year old unanswered questions are a bit much…But that’s about it.

Answer #18

I dont like how you cant edit your questions. you can like once right after you posted it but not after that.

Answer #19

can’t delete my question list…

Answer #20

not having a comment backbutton for your profile!!

Answer #21


Answer #22

I cant used the names of sites in my questions.

Answer #23

the rudeness of the people on here, there are so many really rude people, they expect you to take their opinion but they blast you for yours, I dont expect everybody to like or agree, but respect me like you want me to respect you, and I dont care if you do or dont, but the thing I hate bout this site, is the rude people and how they can blast you but they wont let you tell them anything.

Answer #24

If no one answers my questions.

Answer #25

not being able to see who rates your pics

Answer #26

oops I meant a few things shouldn’t be considered :P

Answer #27

I agree with thug016

Answer #28

How it automaticaly categorizes my questions into places that have nothing to do with what I asked and when I change it to what I want, it just ends up in Love and relationships anyway!

Answer #29

I just dont like that I cant delete like comments posts, questions or anything like that, I would even be fine with editing them..

Answer #30

I hate that advisors often lock questions on controversial issues liek abortion, gay marriage, etc. we should be able to express our feelings on it, I as long as the conversation isnt getting violent or threatening the safety of someone. I mean, I hate when they close a question because there are arguements between responders. isnt that the whole point of advice? to see both sides of the story?

Answer #31

al of the questions about the jonas brothers all of the teeny boppers keep asking the same damn question over and over again also there should be more categories

Answer #32

Yeah I agree. A notification when someone leaves a photo comment, or comment. I love the site! But would love it so much more if you had that notification.


Answer #33

You should make some thing creative to make the site stand out…perhaps some graphics or some cool html, you know lol . It’s not a hate thing, just a suggestion to make it more exciting.

Answer #34

I pretty much like everything, the only thing I hate is some people are really rude but thats not your fault, probably the changing of categories like when I ask a funadvice question and I put it in the funadvice category it ALWAYS goes to the love and relationships, thats pretty much it, everything else is ok :)

Answer #35

not knowing if a question has been answerd because you have to look to find out, cant find people by their real name, only username.

Answer #36

I don’t hate anything, but as sikashimmer said, the censorship on the word sex is maybe a bit too far. Are a lot of questions pertaining to sex? I have only been here a few days and I can’t make a fair judgment but in this short time, there have been so many questions about sex I can only imagine over the last 4 years how many there have been. I realize some questions and answers would be down right nasty and completely inapropriate, but I am capable of educating young people on the practices of safe sex. I have taken two sex ed classes and 3 classes on the female body. One thing I learned is that sex it not a shameful thing. Censoring the word sex when it is used for a learning purpose is not right. I am not ashamed to say it, nor should anyone else be. My advice has been abstinence, but when I say the safest sex is always abstinence, that statement should not be censored in any way, not even the word. This post will be full of the the little stars, won’t it?

Answer #37

A couple of times I’ve unintentionally added someone as a friend. not even sure how, maybe by clicking on their pic? Then I feel a bit mean when I delete them, LOL.

I see a lot of the same questions being asked over and over again. Not sure how you could approach that one, though.

I like the simple white look. No-one looks over my shoulder and asks “OOOH what you YOU doing???”

Regarding the 3 year old unanswered questions, how about shading anything thats over a year old? I mean, make them a slightly different color.

Answer #38







Answer #39

I’m new, but one thing I’ve noticed that has kind of annoyed me is that I can’t go back and edit my answers (only my questions)

The censorship

Hear, hear!

I think it would also help if HTML is enabled. I’d like to be able to EMPHASIZE certain words without looking like I’m shouting from the top of my lungs.

A feature that lets us quote other users would help. I don’t think some people are catching on the >>> thing.

Actually, how about a blog layout? I’d help, but contrary to popular beliefs, I’m a really busy person.

Answer #40

I really love this site! Whoever came up with the idea… 20 minute round of applause

But I think we should have sub categories.

Like in love and Relationships

  • Sex
  • Newlyweds
  • Friends
  • Dating
  • Kissing

And in Parents and Family

  • Parents
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Divorce & other issues
  • Baby

Just stuff like that. I think this would be nice, cause I’ll be looking in love and relationships for friendship stuff, and something about turning someone on will pop up.


iThanks for asking!


Answer #41

the time goes really quick!At 1 moment someones online the next it says last here 7 minutes ago.WeIrD

Answer #42

The only thing i dont like is when you must sign in all the time. It really drives me crazy! but other then that i like the site

Answer #43

absolutely nothing. I love the site and everything about it. :D

Answer #44

if my ? gets answered, I hhave no way of knowing!

Answer #45

cant delete questions -__-

Answer #46

I’m new, but one thing I’ve noticed that has kind of annoyed me is that I can’t go back and edit my answers (only my questions)

Answer #47

Yeah, what generi.. said.. an option where you can delete questions that didn’t make sense or was duplicated on mistake..

Answer #48

My only problem with the site is the constant log ins every 5 seconds!! its driving me insane and you guys lost my other profile!! 2!!

Answer #49

You guys should customize the back ground and make it fun and use color.Add advice games and quizzes and people can blog and type in columns of the day,you know,to get everybody interested and involved.

Answer #50

and many times there is censorship inside of a word like circ*mstances

We’re working on that one, hopefully it’ll be fixed tomorrow.

Answer #51

We should be able to like, delete our questions. I hate it when a question is kinda

old and there’s like, 2 answers. I mean a question of MINE of course. And we should

be able to ‘redcard’ a question if we feel its inapropriate for some people. Not

like, ‘you cant view this question because your not 21’ but more like ‘this question contains

adult content that has been reconized by other users.Proceed?’ More like that

Answer #52

Man I spend hours on this site every day (almost every day). But the only thing I hate about the site is that there is not enough categories. Could you add like Some kinda category that is like “Internet things” or something like that. But you know what I mean right?

And by the way how do I confirm my E-mail so I can fun mail people?


Answer #53

Well, I don’t hate this fact, but I might know someone in real life on this but not know it. Like, Someone on this who answers a lot of my questions could be a teacher at my school. Are you..

Answer #54

IT SUCKS SO BAD TO NOT BE ABLE TO DELETE A QUESTION YOU’VE ASKED!!! You should make that available. This is why I’m on a new account. Because I can’t delete old questions asked so I deleted the whole account.

Answer #55

I don’t like not getting answers on some of my questions that I actually liked. I dont like not being able to deleate my questions..

Answer #56

Not being able to delete questions. and theres a little too much censorship

Answer #57

I think that there should be subcatagories

Answer #58

These are a few minor things I think should be changed—

  • Color Scheme, it just seems BORING!!

  • You can’t delete your questions, what’s the point of that?

  • We should get more catgories, like injuries, opinon questions, etc.

Please Fun Mail Me or send me a comment if you want some more of my opinions on categorie names and such.

Thank you!


Answer #59

The catagories need to be divided into more and better ones.

Its not colorful and that exciting and welcoming. It needs more color to it or a thing where people can choose their own colors they want to see when they go to stuff where they can change it.

That people cant delete their own questions.

Answer #60

the cencorship… I think the bad things are th ones that need to be answered the most. I agree with skanker chick too.

Answer #61

I don’t actually hate the site “LOVE IT”, But I have sent in two (2) answers and haven’t seen them printed. I didn’t use any swear words & I know that I had the correct spelling so couldn’t figure out what I did wrong.

Answer #62

The censorship, and the catagories really need to be divided more.
It also really could us some color besides a plain white background

Answer #63

‘Stickies’ I think that posts should go back to the top of the list whenever someone adds to them…Or at least the administrators should pick out particular questions and ‘stick’ them to the top.

Answer #64

When one of my questions got locked! That p*ssed me off. I did throughly explain what I needed but still it got locked.

Answer #65

I hate it most when I get an email that there is a new question to answer and when you come to the site, you either see it has been blocked or it tells you there are over 1700 answers so there isn’t rally anyplace to answer the question. An example I received a question yesterday—would you rather be blind or deaf. I had an answer but didn’t have any place to put it.

Answer #66

I don’t like all the 3 year old unanswered questions floating around. Plus, I don’t like it that you never know if someone answers your question.

Answer #67

I really have no specific ‘hateful’ qualms about this site.

However, this is not to say a few things need to be considered:

a) I find the overall security & personal control(not just the logins) a bit dodgy…I know you have options for dis-allowing auto-add of friends (but that shouldnt be the default option!) as well as being allowed to delete/edit personal question/answer lists as well as friends lists etc.

I do know you have most of the options but they are not as apparent as they should be.

Also the rating scale should be revamped on a star basis instead of just helpful or not. That way better advisers will be sought more often as well as encouraged to advise more and others will be motivated to work/think harder before they post.
in my opinion, this may stop some of the plain useless comments people love to do (I’ve seen at least one eg where this guy was just bashed out & out)

Other than that, the only other peeve of mine is the rating scales on the pictures, which I think should be abolished. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy checking out people’s personal pics as much as the next person but I think there’s a case of ‘mixed agendas’ here and as this site continues to mature you may find it goes against the grain of intention (to see what I’m talking about just check out member contributions).

I hope I did not come off as too harsh, I really enjoy this site and hope it becomes more polished over time with more attendance…you’ve got a good thing going try finding a way to link up with facebook etc. too to gain more members.


Answer #68

I don’t much enjoy when people ask questions that sit around for three years still waiting for an answer.

I also would like It if there were some sort of notification when someone leaves you a comment on your page or one of your pictures.

And not knowing whether or not your questin has been answered by anyone.

Answer #69

The userbase, to be honest. I know you can’t do anything about it, but it does get on my nerves.

There are too many 13-15 year olds here that can barely construct a grammatically correct sentence without making seven spelling mistakes. It’s kind of demotivating when you click a question and it doesn’t turn out to be a question but rather “I LIKE THE JONAS BROTHERS” or it’s something that can be found on Google in a matter of seconds.

When some people ask questions they are expecting to hear exactly what they want to hear instead of getting proper advice, which is ridiculous. On the other hand you have people who, instead of trying to help, just condemn and judge. The only way to get the standard up would be to raise the minimum age to 16 and ban overly zealous people, but I know that’s unrealistic.

I’m guilty of not helping out sometimes too, but how, as a person with ethics and morals, can I answer a 10-14 year old when (s)he asks “How do I have sex?”. Or how can I be supportive when a 13 year old says “I’m having my 18 year old boyfriend’s baby, I love him so much, what now?”. Some of these people are just too young to properly handle getting advice and would be better off with better parenting. They understand so little of the world yet they think they know it all, making lifechanging decisions like it’s buying a pair of jeans… These things really get to me… Sorry for rambling!

Answer #70

I am a newbie starting today and I am also a Yahoo Answers escapee. This site was recommended by a fellow disappointed yahoo escapee, and so far it looks pretty good, even though I still have much to learn. My only question/suggestion so far is: “ Does/Will this site provide badly needed catagories that yahoo has chosen to ignore despite numerous and heartfelt requests that they be made available? One of those catagories would be “widows and widowers”. If it is not already here, the addition of this catagory would be a helpful tool to a neglected and hurting segment of society. It would also provide a boost to this sites membership due to lack of availability on yahoo and other major sites. Thanks for listening,

Answer #71

we should be able to delete questions. its so annoying not being able to like it seriously pisses me off sometimes because I had a really embarassing question and then one of my good friends got this site and came across it and now its like really awkward around her. seriously, make it so we have the option of deleting our own questions!!

Answer #72

My only thing, is the site does look boring, like how many others stated, it could also be nice if they allowed ‘us’ to be more creative on our own profiles, and krissykrunk is right, this place does need some fun smileys

point: just looks to boring

Answer #73

The only thing that has annoyed me lately is the unnecessary censorship.

Words like sex shouldn’t be censored

and many times there is censorship inside of a word like circumstances

My only issue :)

Answer #74

I would like to see the catagories devided in sub catagories. Like Pre-teen, Teen, College and Adult. Even a Catagory for us Older than Old. Not.

Answer #75

Hmm.. what I hate most is how there isn’t to tell you about updates. Like if someone answered your questions, you can’t tell unless you check it yourself. THAT’S what I hate.

Answer #76

I dont lke that we are not able to delete are questions. some of mine are so old. the questions build up fast. it also bothers me that nobody answers my questions. but, thats not your problem.

Answer #77

Nothing irritates me more than poor grammar and spelling. Oh how that gets on my nerves. Some people really need to spell check before they post things. It’s incredible how the English language gets butchered on the internet.

Answer #78

the thing i hate about the site is that some how nero made it were i can’t post a comment on his page our send him fun mail

Answer #79

I m just a newbee here.

I think when one posts a pic with a question or an answer, He/She doesn’t want it to be shown in his/her profile. It’s just a pic associated with a thread and has nothing to do with the profile.

I think user should get freedom to choose which pic he/she wants to show on profile.

Anyway this site rocks. __ PC

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