What do you hate about your school?

I abso hate my skewl. teachers. rules. everythingg!!!

tell me what you hate about yours (:

Answer #1

Wow, your school enforces policies that encourage you getting a better education.


Seriously, be grateful there are people willing to take time out of their day to help you lazy, disrespectful children learn something.

Answer #2

I go to a stupid catholic school and we have to wear these really uncomfortable uniforms and were not allowed to fingernail polish which is sooo dumb. theres a lot of other stupid crap but those are the two I hate the most

Answer #3

no flip flops, tank tops, and your shorts&skirts need to be finger tip length. I swear no one owns shorts to their f*ckin fingertips.

Answer #4

grr my post got deleted. ;l I don’t like the sluts, homework, people that just bully you or make fun of you for no reason. I love most of the teachers though, as long as they’re not horrible.

I absolutely love my school though. :] It’s because, although I only have 2 actual friends, and one of them are teachers, I always feel wanted though. Because those 2 are like the most amazing people ever. xD So yeah, I love school. :]

Answer #5

You are certainly allowed to have an opinion, but when that opinion is based on silliness you will grow out of, you shouldn’t shout it from the rooftops without expecting backlash.

Answer #6

Lol get a loada me. I’ve been going to an all girls school all my life, thats jr high and high school I hate that we have to get up so early :S And yeah, I hate rules, I swear you can barely breathe in our school!! but all in all being in a girls school is so much fun!! you dont have to freak about what to wear (uni) and your not always contious of what you look like. And to all those who are saying, “eh, what about guys??!” Thats what down town permission is 4 ;) lol xD

Answer #7

wow clairbaires sounds badd

And danielle for no flip flopss that suxx too

yeah my skewl is like mid thigh; and I agree no 1 owns shorts like thatt. unless you hve long plaid shortss; and if you have big boobs and they are showingg. like your cleavagee. they make you change

and one thing I hate is my skewl is soo small we have like 200 people in the whole skewl and like my class is onlii 20 something kids.

Answer #8

the pot smokers smoke right outside the classrooms

Answer #9

Ok I’m not there any more but I did hate it.

1)Most students were trying to act tough and not care about their education AT ALL. 2)Drug problem in school. (I dont think this should be, even though Im a weed supporter lol!) 3)Contantly in the paper 4)Getting worse and worse 5)You have to be a year 11+ (15years old +) to get ANY respect from teachers. 6)Rediculous and unnecessary punishments such as ONE person does something, WHOLE CLASS has to stay in for x amount of mins. 7)Didnt really make any real friends in the first 2 years. 8)Other students arent supportive until year 12 (maybe year 11 if lucky) 9)The timetabling constantly changes. Against the Education bureau or whatever its called. They put up a table and under 5 headings there were subjects. You could only choose one per heading… yes ALL my favourite and relevant subjects were under that one heading. Actual timetable constantly changes too. 10)Litter EVERYWHERE 11)Many fights… see pretty much 1 per day 12)Year 9 and 10 LOTS AND LOTS of homework 13)Year 11+ (where NCEA kicks in, we get barely any and this is when we need it most)

  1. Uniform. I honestly have a hatred against uniforms, personally I think it’s naziism. It had to be VERY specific and strict. I looked like a friggin businessman. Not to mention Hair, tattoos, piercings etc is just as strict 15)School constantly overspends on stuff they don’t need… Biggest was they spent about $15000 on those electronic whiteboards that can connect to a laptop. They already have normal whiteboards, a projector which connects to a laptop so what the f*ck? And theyre already in debt.
  2. Its going to be hell to pay when I blow it up… err by “blow it up” I of course mean “support it.”… Yeah… sure. by hell to pay I mean I will do nice things? ERM!!!
Answer #10

oh&we get tons of bomb threats too. and theres litereally 300 people in my grade.

Answer #11

ugh a million fights. to many druggies. the internal lockdown. we are right by a river and last year they found a dead body behind our school. dresscode. and to many fcking Dumbss pranks.

Answer #12

Urgh where can I start!!! I have just left 6th form because I hate it and it’s their fault too!! going to give you a few reasons otherwise I’ll be here all night typing lol!!

  1. Disorganised!
  2. Lessons are always cancelled
  3. Teachers hardly turn up
  4. The head of 6th form has no people skills
  5. I am treated like a low life because I am hearing impaired
  6. They don’t help us with our work when we ask
  7. They tell us our work is rubbish before we have even looked at it
  8. I may go into college for an hour (living 12 miles from it) and find its cancelled, so waste of time
  9. Bad attitudes
  10. The main school attached to it is just as bad!

Urgh just 10 will do lol!!

Answer #13

I seriously don’t hate anything about my school. I get some homework, but that isn’t unique to my school. There are some teachers I don’t like, but agian, that isn’t unique to my school.

Answer #14

Wow. We’re lazy and disrespectful? I think YOU are disrespectful. For making fun of us and calling us lazy.

We never said we didn’t appreciate our schools. We just don’t like them. Are we not allowed to have opinions?

Answer #15

What do I hate?

Tons of bomb threats (We’ve had like, 8 thise year). The STABBING last year made them SOO much more strict (And they we’re already really strict). The school’s about to collapse (it’s falling apart). Too many druggies. The girls locker room in on one side of the school and the gym is on the other. Too many fights.

And you guys think your schools are bad because they want shorts at an appropriate length.

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