What do you feel about the Miley Cyrus pictures?

What do you think about the photos of Miley Cyrus? I think she is too young to take them. They make her look bad.

Answer #1

It does seem like it is ruining her reputation… and when she teased Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez that proves she is not all that sweet little girl we think she is… not saying she is a bad person or something.

Answer #2

I’ve always thought she looks like a malfunctioning-junior-Stepford-Wife… case in point…



Answer #3

I’m sorry to say this, but she’s not that nice! and she looks like she smashes a whole box of make up on her face everyday!! the way she dresses, the way she’s acting! she pisses me off!!! I’m so sorry, but face the truth!!!

Answer #4

I really hate Miley, but give her a break. seriously. She’s young and she’s learning..she didn’t do anything worse than vanessa anne hudgens did, it was only bare back showing. but should she have done it, no, she shouldn’t have, but this is kinda ruining her rep.

Answer #5

I don’t really see why it’s a bad choice. It’s a pretty picture. I mean, financially it’s a bad choice, but not morally or anything.

Answer #6

it’s not just a pic showing her back it’s basically a snapshot that gives off the impression the morning after some rough sex.

Well, that’s YOUR interpretation… you’re quite the pervert…

Answer #7

I thinks it’s her parents fault. They should have stopped her from doing it. But they didn’t. It’s not her fault. She could have said no. But she didn’t. Give her a break. We all make mistakes.

Answer #8

I think the whole thing was stupid and blown way out of proportion. She was hardly topless - she had a massive sheet covering her, all you could see was her back. The photo wasn’t done in a tasteless way and I think she and her family/managers should have stuck to their guns and defended the picture, instead of furiously backtracking and making themselves look like total idiots.

Answer #9

As long as she doesn’t have a sex tape circulating, people shouldn’t complain.

Although, pretending that she was ‘tricked’ into taking her clothes off… while her family watched… yeah… sure… we believe you Miley’s agent… I mean Miley…

Answer #10

they dont really make her look bad she really IS that bad! I dont know if its the media, or just her but shes not the girl everyone thinks she is shes completely different to the girl everyone sees on her show

Answer #11

to captainassassin, like I said I didn’t really think the picture was bad at first, but then I was watching some show on tv that jokingly said the picture looked like it was taken the morning after some drunk wild sex and once I looked at it again I saw that they were right. so it’s not like sex was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the picture. so keep your sarcastic comments to yourself. its people like you that make me hate this site at times >:’[


Answer #12

Our society is uncomfortable with teenage sexuality. We are uncomfortable with the fact that adolescents are sexually mature long before society is prepared to accept or even acknowledge their sexuality.

Obviously it was a poor choice from a financial point of view. Her franchise depends on her image and these pictures present her as a young woman instead of a little girl.

Annie Leibovitz is a wonderful photographer. When she photographs people she pulls out sides that other people don’t see. In this case she photographed Ms Cyrus as the young woman she is rather than the persona Disney has created for her.

Answer #13

at first I thought they weren’t bad at all…if she was 18. obviously the picture is simulating sex or something of that nature, why else would anybody be topless wrapped in a sheet with sex hair… it’s not just a pic showing her back it’s basically a snapshot that gives off the impression the morning after some rough sex.

Answer #14

I personally didn’t think that the pictures were that bad, I mean you see more of a girls body in the teeny bikinis that are out there. And look at all the fashions that the girls that are Mileys age are wearing! Miley and her family should’ve stood up and defended their position on the subject, but the entire thing was blown way out of proportion. Give Miley a break, if anything they should be coming down on her parents for saying it was okay to pose for the photographs. Miley is young and just learning what is considered in good taste.

Answer #15

Made a bad choice, as we all do sometimes.

Answer #16


naked pic posted on the internet


Answer #17

Yeah, she’ll be great in MAXIM too…

Answer #18

Yeah, several of the outfits she’s worn to award shows have been waaay more revealing than… a… sheet…

Answer #19

I think it is sick. BUT her parents were there. Just like everyone is saying. They knew what they were doing and it is funny how NOW they are acting like they were tricked into doing it. She wants to try to get other roles besides the little kiddy roles. She wants to be able to branch out eventually. Good luck to her with that.

Answer #20

Maybe…but I can see why she did it…she wants to shed the “tweeny little girl” image, she’s a child star yes, but she wants a life that doesn’t have to do with Hannah Montana too. So I guess she did it to branch out. I never liked her ever, but I can see why she did the pictures, I’m not saying I agree with them, but it’s somewhat understandable why.

Answer #21


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