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I collect movies, cd's, games, books, comics, disney stuff, masks,animal stuff like pictures stuffed animals shirts etc, action figures, weapons from medieval times and japanese weapons I'm a big sword and dagger collector. I also collect classic cars, trucks, vans and motorcycles.

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ya I have quite a collection of swords and daggers, plus meideval armor too. Its the perfect party props. You ever take a sword to the head while wearing a medieval helmet, its pretty f*ckin cool. im usually drunk

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I collect firearms, japanese swords also, swords, cd's, dvd's, comic books, ROCKS, I have all kinds of collections- A FRIEND OF MINE ONCE HAD A NOSE HAIR COLLECTION- I AM NOT THAT ECCENTRIC.

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I collect swords...

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I collet socks, cute shirts, CD's, books, nail polish, Mary-Kate and Ashley stuff, dolphins, cats, and posters.

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lol well I dont collect swords or daggers or anything like that I more the less collect. Hoodies because they are comfy and my favorit and you can ware them more then once lol, I collect purses because there cute and I have one for almost every outfit, and I collect shoes because no matter what they always look good on a rainy or even a bad day. I love shoes. Heels,boots,pumps alls kinds

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my sword

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a lot of people collect swords here

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