What do you choose?

Here’s my concern.. I love basketball, and I have always been playin basketball since high school till now. The thing is, I wanna try something new, and I dated a guy who’s into boxing, and got in to it a bit.. I also am a bit interested in triathlon, since it’s also fun like boxing.. So I guess, I need you guys to help me think as well..

Boxing or triathlon for me aside from basketball?

Help me decide, please.. Xp

Answer #1

If you spar or fight someone, don’t wear professional gloves…those are the smallest gloves in terms of weight…they don’t have that much padding on them…which is why professionals can get bloodly and swollen faces. Professionals use 6 or 8 ounce gloves…get yourself some 16 ounce gloves, and make sure your opponent does the same of course. It honestly does not hurt that much. You basically have a pillow on each fist. Always wear hand wraps, mouth guard, and you can buy some head gear too if you want…I personally never wear it but that’s just a personal preferrence.

Answer #2

Boxing seems the better option in my opinion, it will build up a lot of attributes to your body like speed, stamina, reaction times and hand-eye co-ordination, also its a laugh and giving somebody a slap round the face is strangely entertaining to, so go for it ninja turtle lol

Answer #3

I’d go for boxing if I were you. Triathalon = borrring…that’s just pure endurance, I don’t see any fun in that. Boxing will toughen you up physically and mentally, which is always a useful thing :) Just make sure to always wear proper gear, and know how to throw proper punches so you don’t hurt yourself accidentally.

Answer #4

that’s nice, too! I love that answer.. Ü btw, someone’s concerned of my face here.. will I hurt my face bad if I play boxing? like what oscar dela hoya got from manny pacquiao on their match?

Answer #5

I say triatholon, I’ve tried boxing ‘just for fun’ and I got knocked out for 4 mins. it can really hurt aswell, im pretty sure that the tri is just running cycling and swimming, all of these sports are different in they’re own.

Answer #6

thanks girl! but seem to want other sports like the ones I’m pertaining to.. but, yeah! thanks for the time to answer.. xp

Answer #7

Triathlon boxing is too violent and has no point.

Answer #8

it’s just for fun, I’m not training for professional boxing, though.. lol! xp

Answer #9

Triathlon… I think there’s less risk of serious injury… and less risk of messing up your face.

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