What --- do you think this is ?

do you think I have an eating disorder

I never eat breakfast nor do I eat lunch and only sometimes I eat dinner...
I do think im fat yes and I have low self-esteem...
im 14 and I have done this for the last month ...
I often say thing so I dont have to eat like I dont feel well and im not hungry or I have a headache

so tell me what you think please

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but I cant go to the docs with out my parents knowing and that not happing I guess I could talk to one of my school teacher but then what will they say

what do you think they would say>

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if your not eating because you think your fat
and are doing it in an attempt to loose weight or not gain any
then you have an eating disorder
which is a horrible thing to have, especially at your age
tell someone like a doctor, parent ect about this
its not to late to ask for help and start the road to recovery
a lot of kids and teens die because of eating disorders
they completely f*ck up your health as well and can also mess with your fertility

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Well.. Its very likly that you do have an eating disorder.. Myself I have been struggling with one for the last year qnd a half. Trust me its not fun at all..if you can stop it wud be better to do it sooner than later. Because the longer you continue with it the harde it is to stop.

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