Why do women dress like they're sluts?

is it just me or are women these dressing, acting and being treated like all they are good for is sx? Look at hollywood everyone there acts like a total whre and is treated like one.

Answer #1

you guys are annoying, I was born and raised in hollywood and I’m not a slut so shutup. the only people that act like sluts are the fat insecure girls who have nothing better to do, and they’re ALL OVER the world, not just in hollywood :/

Answer #2

exactly my point.

Just because you dress provocative doesn’t mean you’re sleeping around. (or in your case; having sex out of marriage)

again… live and let live. As in you live your life and they’ll live theirs.

xox Sika

Answer #3

Its because most women/girls find it too hard to get a boyfriend through wit and charm, so they resort to sex. I’m not saying thats true for all women, but for some, I know its true. They feel like they are not worth anything unless five guys are panting over them at all times. At least that what I think…but yeah, its sad…

Answer #4

Yeah reads tinatodder4’s reply that was kind of rude, directing this question on Hollywood. There are women in every part of this earth that dress like sluts, face it, they get a lot of attention and thats what they want. Most men love looking at half naked women, and thats why women dress like that, its the only way they get attention.

Answer #5

Hey now, not every girl is a slut. I wish sluts would stop talking about when they got some all the time. I mean, I don’t want to hear about that! I don’t hate sluts, I just wish they would change. Plus, God said no Premarital sex, so I don’t like it when people do it before they’re married!

Answer #6

Yea, it is sad that Hollywood and advertisers are portraying women this way. It sends the wrong message to young impressionable females. Instead of looking for self worth from the inside where it should come from, these impressionable girls are looking for it in the absolute worst place, boys.

Answer #7

I was referring to the movie makers portraying young girls in this light. Not the people living there. Look at the concern people have over the Spears sisters. It is because young impresionable girls emulate them, and want to act just like them.

Answer #8

Yup. All I hear is,”Oh I got so wasted last night and had s*x with him.” And other crap like that. It is so annoying. It’s like some girls are actually proud of having unprotected sex and sleeping around. I think it’s sick. Ewww… STDs.

Answer #9

the only reason you say dis is because your jealous ha ha ha ha ha hha and I think people can do watever the fu*k they want. we are living in a generally democratic world where freedom is allowed. init shut up.

Answer #10

I can agree with you I don’t no why either I can tell that nasty and disrespectful to women that don’t dress like slut. Some women is nice and neat all the time. It hard to find people like that.

Answer #11

I disagree with Sika… Sex is supposed to saved for marriage…

“live and let live”… the way life is supposed to be lived.

Answer #12

Yes, some younger women and girls have interpreted ‘womens liberation’ as meaning that they can look or behave like porn queens. I don’t think this is right or even safe. It happens in the UK too.

Answer #13

Maybe because they are sluts. Or if they’re not then it’s just a style for them, and you shouldn’t judge like so many of the others.

Answer #14

I dont necesarily think that the way a girl dresses therefore makes her a slut, it is also the way a girl acts. going around and having sex with everyone qualifies you as a slut, but wearing a short skirt doesn’t. some girls may just be confident of there body. many girls work out many hours of the week for a good body wouldn’t you there3fore want to show it off. notice how no one really talks about the way people dress in florida or around the beach, there people go around wearing a tak top and booty shorts but it is okay there. I think everything comes out of the magazines of famous people and hate to see, wait no I don’t, you are not going to change no matter what people say you can’t change the world and so why don’t we just join them

Answer #15

I agree with funadvice. Just because I like to wear a midriff baring top on the weekends, doesn’t mean that I plan on banging every guy in the room. Frankly, I am one of the few women that loves her body and don’t mind confidently showing it off. I don’t do it because I am “starved for attention” or “only feel good when I have men drooling” over me. I find it funny how people think girls should feel better about their bodies but then condemn those that do for making it known…

Answer #16

stephanie wutever… silence, because I can quote he said HOLLYWOOD. anyways, yes, women NOT ALL OF THEM. but some are dressing not cute, unfortunately, this is what is being portrayed in the media which is wanted. All they want is to belong? wonder why most models are so skinny? media pressures. wonder why most people have ipods? because everyone else does. I dont think like that, because I am my own person, and ima beast.. I mean the obvious. but many do. :]

Answer #17

uh… you ever think that they work hard for that body and want to show it off?

We’re all “”peacocks”” in this game called pro-creation.

2nd of all… sex is awesome. It’s the best high you can get without drugs. Yes sleeping around is not wise because of stds, but who are you to decide that that woman is sleeping with multiple men just because of what she is wearing?

Live and let live.

xox Sika

Answer #18

haha tinatodder… her knowledge is limited.

I agree… now days… people are acting/dressing like sluts… it’s sick… and rather sad… they think that’s the only way they’ll be noticed… and they might be right… but they are definitely noticed in the wrong way…

and it’s not just fat ugly people… you just notice them first… cause its gross. it’s mostly fit women…

but yeah… it’s cause they want to be noticed.

tina… I’m pretty sure he meant famous people…

Answer #19

Not all women are sluts.

Answer #20

thank you for posting this! It is horrible how girls these days act and dress. I never even acknowledged this until I discovered my boyfriend was chatting on the internet with other girls. Now I am so aware of my surroundings and how many slutty girls there are out there. It’s just so sad not only for women, but for this younger generation! Back in the 70s, 80s or 90s, teens and twenty year olds were fighting for causes, they cared about change, about the world around them.. now all people care about is how many sexual partners they’ve had, tactics in getting laid, or how slutty a person can be! I turn on the t.v. and it’s all over the place. Is there any way of stopping it? Or is ignoring it the only answer??

Answer #21

Erm refrase… gyals are not sluts okay!!! maybe in hollywood yes Bt don’t say girls, why not say some girls okay Lame

Answer #22

shakes head

Answer #23

uhh its there style you shouldnt judge them by what there wearing like wow big deal or they want to be more atractive too men

Answer #24

it’s not you its everywhere I just stop carring

Answer #25

sotchick: You are right. Not all girls act that way but it seems there are a lot more than there should be.

Answer #26

not all girls are like that but in hollywood sex sells

Answer #27

yeah.. that makes more sense to me.

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