What do I have to do to be an advisor?

I asked something like this before but,the advisors don’t seem to understand my questions.When it says provide us with the answers,and yes I see the contact us link.I’ve always seen it and I’m not stupid.How do I provide the answer.Do I just go to my answers and copy and paste a few of them from there.And the problem I’m having from that is those answers are in part.And sometimes the questions title doesn’t have anything to do with the real question. Sorry about having to write a book just to explain my question.

Answer #1

Oops, you need to be more clear in your question. You asked ‘What do I have to do to become an advisor’, and asked a different question so I got confused. Sorry!

Posting several of your answers would be too long..like I said, just copy the URL at the top of the page. Easy enough. (: Send a few URLs of your great advice. If you have answers that were rated a 100% than I suggest using those pieces. Unless you only answered ‘yes’, or a poor-example like that.

Answer #2

To become an advisor you must be rated well by other users, or/and you must provide great answers. For example, if someone asks ‘How can I lose weight’, and you just answer that you must eat well and exercise, that may be true, but it’s not a good answer. You should provide answers with more detail. Yes, you should link to your answers by copying the URL to the questions that you answered. Good luck!

Answer #3

You don’t have to cut and paste the entire text – what you can do is just forward the links to some questions that you’re particularly proud of answering. Take some of your best answers, and forward those links to editor or thedude. They’ll have your user ID and they’ll be able to see your answers from that, anyway… but if there are specific things you want to highlight, just send the links.

When you’re at the page where the question is, just highlight the link from the Address bar, then copy and paste into your email.

Answer #4

Yeah I agree, like advisors said you have to provide good answer provided, it is grammatically correct, correct punctuation, etc… if the user satisfied with your answer then they can rate your answer.

Answer #5

To be an ad-visor is not an easy way, Because you need lo learn a lot specially when it terms of financial, Because if you make mistake, money will be lost, you should have more experience and professional , Like I found this site, They are trusted and really work on good way. I hope it will help you to.

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