what do I eat im a new vegiterian any food ideas?

im a new veggie and im not sure what food’s I can eat and dont really have any meal ideas help please.

Answer #1

There’s always a section in the store where there is soy meat, organic, and lactose free foods. Anything from over there you can eat. There’s Boca burgers and all that other fake disgusting vegitarian meat substitute.

Answer #2

theres a bunch of websites with vetgan and vegetarien recipes you can check out I don’t know them off by heart but I know peta has some and there are vege burgers which include vegetables or you can get soy ohnaturel makes vegetarien products and yves makes vegan products there both really good you can find them both in selected stores but also eat a lot of beans and nuts and just makes sure your getting enough iron and protein. being a vegetarien is much healthier and its not hard at all you may break the rules a few times at first but it gets easy good luck

Answer #3

Proteins - Soy beans, Tofu, Nuts Iron - Vegetables (forgot the names but I am sure the iron/grams are higher then meats)

If your friend say vegan are unhealthy tell them these 1.) 1 pound of cow meat requires 2500 gallon of water to produce 2.) You should see how they slaughter the cow 3.) Check your facts properly as 90+% energy is lost on each food chains segments. Which means what you get from the animal is 10X more if you eat the source.

Answer #4

Well you need to make sure you make up for the stuff you’re missing by not eating meat, like protein. You should try to eat lots of beans and nuts (both are full of protein) and fish, depending whether or not you count fish as meat. Some meal ideas are: veggie lasagna, bean-chili, and greek salad. You could try your library for books on vegetarian recipes. Hope I helped and good luck! :)

Answer #5

Hey .

Well you can get meat styled dishes that are full of veg. Like Veggie Burgers Veggie Fingers (fish singers) Veggie cakes (fish cakes) They all contain veg with nothing else.

Stir fry Rice all kinds of steemed veg is nice, or fried if you like abit of fat:L

Answer #6

Ha eat veggies…that all vegetarians eat…raw veggies…cooked veggies…oh and they drink protein shakes to make up from the good healthy fats and protein they aren’t getting from eating meats

Answer #7

Depends what kind of vegetarian you want to be. If you want to be a vegan then you cant eat any animal produce atal , You cant even drink milk or eat cheese or anything like that. But if your going to be a lacto vegetarian then basically you can eat anything that doesn’t involve killing the animal. Try out Quorn they do meat free products that basically taste the same as meat .. Xo:)

Answer #8

Try eating pasta, but make sure there are no animal traces in it. Or try pizza.:) Good luck:)I take it thats your new years resouloution?

Answer #9

vegetarian lasagne im not a vegetarian but I still eat it :)

Answer #10

yh it is my new years resoution thankz 4 da luck im gonna need it lol :)

Answer #11

hm…try tofu dishes…:)

Answer #12

Everythin but meat :/

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