What do I do when you've fallen for a girl that has a girlfriend?

Okay long story. I’ve met this girl 6months ago and we’ve always been friends, I’ll call her G. After the first month I found out she had a girlfriend and she was a lesbian. When I met her I was straight straight, then I met a friend of hers, lets call her P, from her old school but they’re not close. So I started liking this girl P when I first met her and started to become nutts about her and I thought I was in love, but then after 3months I found out there was someone else :).

That someone else was G, I’ve spoke to her not too long ago and apparently she always thought I was cute and hot and stuff lol. She’s always found me attractive unlike myself, but with her she makes me feel confident and happy. Just a month ago, I was happy, actually happy :D, bcos she made me. Since, I’ve not been happy for 9years.

Roughly in the middle times of November I found out she likes me likes me, she asked me without telling me she likes me, ‘is it bad that im with someone but looking at another person?’, I said you cant help how you feel and its normal to do that. There were little hints that she likes me.

November the 23rd, we went out with three of my close mates to film doing our media. It was pouring out rain and freezing. I’ve never seen so much rain in london before. But newho, I took my hoody off and put it on my friend bcos she was cold from all the rain and she was our actress so she was in a dress in the rain. I saw that G got jealous and stuff, I werent sure how I felt about her so I went up to her and put my hands in her hoody pockets and I felt something as we looked at each other and stood really colse by each other. While we were on the bus she wrote her name and mine together :). When we got home I called her and we were talking the whole time until she went to bed.

The next day we both didn’t go to school bcos we were ill, so I spent the whole morning, day and night talking to her. Texting through morning and day, then talking on the phone all night. We definately got closer. On the 26th we were both in school, during Media our first lesson, we didn’t talk much bcos we felt a little embarrassed. She made a move on me and was touching my legs. After we had Photography and went in the dark room, we ended up cuddling and stuff :).

Time went by and we went through a lot together, we cuddled, talked about everything, kissed, made out, made love and everything. She was my first girlfriend and the one I lose myt virginity to. I found out in December she still loves her girlfriend, in January she told me she thinks she loves me more :). Everything we had was amazing, she gave me those feelings and I gave her those feelings too. When our hands touched we felt something in our stomach, we had never felt these ways before. We’re both nutts about each other :D.

But just 3weeks ago I realized that she had changed and we didnt feel close no more. she didnt want to kiss me, she didnt want to make love or nothing. I found out shed been seeing her other girlfriend, stayed over for 3days and 2nights. It made me really hurt and sad :(. Last week on wednesday we were together and stuff blah blah, thursday and friday we werent in, the whole we I felt like my heart was dying. Thursday I got kicked out my house so stayed with a friend, Friday took the day off and come back home. We spoke on the phone then and I told her, I know who youre gonna choose, but it dont matter bcos were gonna end up together and youre gonna realize were meant to be together :D, I was so happy. She was assure we would too, I told her id wait for her however long it takes :). So we broke up but it was okay.

After everything was messed up and stuff, Monday we kissed, Wednesday we did, Thursday we did and Friday we did too. She felt wrong doing that but then on friday it seemed so right and stuff, we both wanted it. I know she loves me but shes too afraid to let go of her other girlfriend bcos theyve been together for 2years. Her girlfriend treats her bad, I think shes cheatin on her, when G cries she doesnt care at all. I told G that I think youre only with her bcos at this time you like being treated badly, you dont want to give up on a 2year relationship bcos you feel safe, youre afraid, and afraid to give me a chance.

What do I do now? Im trying to be her friend. I want to be her friend but more too. I know she needs a friend right now and thats what im trying to do. But I cant resist her, she makes me happy and feeling these ways for her even makes me :D. I was even thinking of ways I could win her heart, but mayb I shouldnt be thinking like that right now, I should just be her friend right? This is the most selfless this I’ve done, by having it over and stuff :). She makes me a different person, makes me happy, want to change, weve even talked about our future together, 4kids, medium house, literally I’ve talked to her about everything, I’ve even said how were gonna be going to our country house ever summer for like 2weeks :D.

So can anyone help me? I really do not want to be in a relationship right now, it would end up bad. I want to find someone that can be my friend but could comfort me in ways my friends cant. Someone I can talk to about everything and be there for me :). Does anyone know what I should do?

Answer #1

okay thanks for the help. well shes not bi shes gay and im bi. I don’t see any other girls attractive tho part from her and that other girl. so be friends yh? how should I giv her a break? im sure it is hard for her but it don’t seem like she even cares bout me nemore. she txed me the other day sayin don’t tx me at all and all I txed her was trying to keep her company. and we were gettin along as well. but then she txed that :S, I spoke to her on thursday tho online and thts it, and just spoke to her on the phone for a min because she was with her girlfriend. I told her what I had heard that she never reali liked me, so basically she just used me :(. and I need to know the truth and everyone says I need to tlk to her and I think I do too. I need to tlk to her to get things straight, because she keeps leadin me on, and told someone she never liked me then why is she fullin round with me?.. I need to know some answers because I’ve been holdin it in to protect her. I mean do you think its a good idea?

Answer #2

oh alrite thnks for the help and time readin the whole thing :) but shes not bi shes gay. I am bi tho but the thing is I don’t find girls attracting just her and that other girl. okay well im havin another difficult time bcos the other day we were gettin along well but then txted me sayin don’t tex her at all :S.. then I heared that she thought she liked me but don’t. I duno what to believe im reali confused. like I think that she did like me but mayb shes changed because I know I havent. so should I just be her friend and giv her a break? do you think id have a chance with her in time even if it were ten years? thanks

Answer #3

well, like.. im bisexual. and its hard enough to deal with both guys&girlsss. well you could always be friends w/ benefitsss. ;D thats what I do a lottt. and give her a break, cccut her some slack, its hard fer her im sure to have both gendders chasing her ;P

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