What do i do when my crush likes my best friend?

I am relly lost :( and I need some help..
What if the guy im crushing on likes my best friend..
And she never stops talking about him..when she knows I like him??

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then she is not your best friend im going throw the samething right now. and I told her its me or him

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try to find out why shes teasin you about him lykin her...but if she stars bein mean about it than shes not your real friend...

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There are a few things you need to think about.

1. If you liked him 1st, then told her, then she started talking non stop about him, is she really your best friend? can you really trust her around guys? eventually if you get a boyfriend can you trust her being around him or is she one of these attention seeker, lime light has to be on me always and gets jealous if you get the lime light because that's not the type of friend you need around.

2. Does this guy know you like him? because if he doesn't and he likes your best friend its not his fault and you cant really change that.

3. If you know your friend is just talking about him to rub it in your face that he likes her not you, then set her straight, be like nah that's ok, you can have him and she will shut up about it.

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Weeelll... I am sorta the oppasite in this. My best friends crush likes me, and I like him. But the thing is lots of boys like me and she is always trying to make me like one of them when I really like him. So deffinitly don't try that because it is very annoying. If you and your crush have been in a relationship that didn't work out then she shouldn't date him. Buut if you and your crush havnt you need to get ova the fact and be happy 4 her. Remember there are plenty of fish in the sea!(or howeva that saying goes!)

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well if your best friend likes your crush and they know you like that person , then your friend should not be talking about him all the time because thats just really mean for your best friend to be doing that to you

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Im in the same problem and I told her I liked him to and she was kinda upset because she likes him,and so we are friends agan but I dont wannta stop liking him it is getting bad he is in my mind and my dreams but I think not to talk or look at him when im around her,also I keep a tight friendship with this guy because if you are close to him he will start to like you,thats what happened with me,we arnt going out but he told one of my friends that he is gonna ask me out I will tell you what happens when he does hope that helped

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I was in this situation last year. My crush liked my best friend and she would always brag about it. She knew I liked him too. So from right then and there, I realized that she wasn't my best friend. Sorry if I'm not really helping, but these are somethings that you should NOT do:

1. stoop down to her level and compete to win the guy... Just relax and be youself around him. He'll eventually see the bad in your "friend" and he'll count on you for guidance.
2. Do NOT give up!! Fate has a way to make things happen. If you keep believing, it will eventually come to you. You will have your time. I mean, I though my so-called friend would have all the guys. But hey, all the people that she rejected ended up liking me. So don't give up, but be yourself

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welll you have to deal with it he dosnt find you intresting he finds your frined and if you were an her really friend you will be happy for them not grug your best friend 4 her gud loook be happy for her =)

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