what do I do to get a job, 18 and have yet to be hired...?

I’ve been putting in applications for 2 years straight, Never had an interview, and I’ve applied everywhere in my town…I ALWAYS dress one level above what I usually wear, I have kind manners, and yet when I put the applications in, I never hear from them again…my dad has threatened to kick me out, in about 2 months, if I don’t get a job, he says I haven’t been trying hard enough to get a job, but yet everyday, after school, I go looking, I get applications, turn them in, and then I never hear from anyone ever again…I don’t know what to do, and it’s geting to the point where I want to give up, because I’m tired of the rejection. I understand the economy is all kinds of messed up, but hey, I’m 18, I’ve never had a job in my life, no one will hire me…what the heck do I have to DO just to get a job, so I can freakin pay for my car, that I JUST got into an accident with, and pay for my own gas, and my own music assesments for my band class…my father has finally refused to start giving me money for everything, now that I’m an adult..

Answer #1

First of all, stop talking about how sad it is that mcdonald’s wont hire you. That attitude is not going to help (not that I blame you. You looked for 2 years and didnt give up? I’d have given up 2 months in). How is it sad that they wont hire you. They dont have very high standards. So odds are, it isnt that you dont meet standards. It’s just that they arent hiring. Or if they hired, the people they hired know people. Dont assume it is you. Because it probably isnt. What if they’re only hiring younger kids? Some managers prefer it because younger teens are easily replaced. Nothing to do with you.

You obviously are an optimistic person and really persistent. I find it really admirable that you’ve kept looking all this time. Thing is, you have to keep looking. You dont have a choice. If you give up, you definitely wont find anything. I understand that you’re scared. But that’s not going to help anything. For some reason it looks like your dad believes this is going to motivate you. Whether it happens or not, you cant do anything about your dad. You have to focus on the job. Start looking at non traditional places (cut grass, do odd jobs, baby sit). Call people you know. Networking is the best way to find jobs. Call your old high school teachers. Call your neighbors. Call your friends. Call your friends parents. Call your parents friends.

And, not that I am saying this is the problem, but consult with someone about your wardrobe and your manner. Seriously, you may be doing something that can easily be fixed. If you go to an interview and they dont pick you, and the interviewer seems like a candid person, ask them if they have a minute to talk to you about what you could do better in your next interview. Ask them to be brutally honest (be ready for honesty). But take the feedback, dont get defensive, no one is perfect, so if there’s something you can improve, why not?

And, if you’ve got a few hours, volunteer. Nothing like boosting up work experience like offering to provide free work. You’ll learn a lot, you’ll gain work experience, and it could help you get a job at the place you’re volunteering at (I got a job this way and a few job offers)

Answer #2

I guess based on the economy the likelihood of a teen at your age getting a job isn’t likely. After all, in the competitive field you have ‘’adults’’ with far more experience compared to you. Also, not too long ago I have seen several people on the news with masters and phds working in typical places such as being a bartender or a waitress. Now seeing as though your only 18, and the economy is showing some minimal improvement (as far as I can see I’m not one to indulge into the political side of things). The chances of you getting a job are very slim. As for a common reason your not getting hired, its probably due to the fact you haven’t had a job. People that are looking to hire others generally want people that have some kind of experience with work as odd as that sounds. I would still try to at least find any sort of adequate job, that is something higher than Mcdonalds. If you want some tips and/or guidelines for jobs try looking here.



Don’t get my advice wrong though, its hard yes but that doesn’t mean you should give up! Keep going! No one said getting a job was as easy as flipping pan cakes. I hope you get a job soon enough okay :)

Answer #3

everyone that’s been able to “hook me up” with a job, I’ve put down, and stuff they’ve talked to them, and I still don’t get hired. I can’t even find anyone to hire me as a babysitter, this is reeeally aggravating. I need the money, I need a job. I’m tired of my father harping on me about being jobless at 18, with no job experience at all. and he says it’s my fault for being lazy.

Answer #4

If your in school, Then that would be one place to help. I got a paying job (yes a job) from my school. I worked as a tutor for the minimum wage of 7.50/hr. Not much but it was something, sadly due to my mom and her not liking the place I was working at made me quit.

Usually the person to ask would be your guidance counselor. She might be able to help you for open jobs that are willing to hire you.

Answer #5

mcdonalds won’t even hire me… I’m just scared about not having a home to live in, in 2 months. my dad always goes through with what he says he’ll do.. I mean…4 of my 16 year old friends all got their jobs, and it somewhat ticks me off. cause I KNOW they have no job experience, but yet they get a job, and here I am every single day just-a-asking and gettin applications for places I’ve applied for atleast 3 or 4 times.

it’s just flat out sad when mcdonalds won’t hire me..

Answer #6

Im 18 to and I’ve never had a job either… I’ve done work experience trough school but thats it … To busy with college to even look for one now .. your dad sounds like a right A-hole if he’s gonna trow you out over it. he should let you focus on your school work rather than pressure you to find work…you have your hole life to find a job and without good education it will be impossible to get one… Xo:)

Answer #7

I’ve always checked back up on the places where I sent apllications, they either hung up on me after 10 minutes being on hold, or they said call back some other time

Answer #8

you didnt mention if you have followed up on any of the applications you put in have you called the places you applied?

Answer #9

well sometimes its not about what you know but who you know see if a friend or family member can hook you up

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