What do i do?my bestfriend is in love with me?

My best friend of three years is in love with me.. We're really close..I love her so much..But I seriously don't have any feelings for her. I read some messages that she had sent to one of her friends, saying that I'm the only guy that makes her happy and that I'm the only one who could ever give her such feelings..And that we're the perfect match.. And I talked to some of our friends, and they told me that all of that is true..Thing is, all of that is true, which is the problem. I'm afraid when I tell her I don't have feelings for her, she would get really hurt. I don't see our relationship going any further than it is. I can't ever be more than a best friend to her..All the guys she has been with were all asholes..they all liked her because she's hot..She thinks that I'm the only guy that offers her something different..And likes the person that she is! What do I do? Any suggestions?

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tell her everything you feel that you dont want to hurt her feelings and you dont want to take the relationship any farther and if you to been friends for that long if you did start progressing the relationship it can ruin you both in the end and your relationship could never be the same agian . just tell her the truth she'll understand

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tel her how you feel

duse he love me

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