What do I do? Do I report them to the school?

Ok, about 5 kids from my school, each of whom are 14, went out earlier today and smoked pot. I know it was the first time for 4 of them. The rest just wanted to try. And I want to report them, but 1 is my best friend. What should I do?

Answer #1

Wellz don’t get involvedz it’s easier datz way… I really have little if no right to speak since that it is my thing but if you thinkz it’s really goingz to hurt someone say something. if you have morals follow themz. But der are consequences memberz what happendz to mr. King? Be annonymus!!

Answer #2

ok its none of your business what these people want to do so you shouldnt go and open your mouth becuase you”ll get them in trouble for no reason .. I mean who doesnt smoke pot? so chill with your big mouthh … its none of your business what people want to do with their body

Answer #3

If any of the people who have ever done anything nasty to you then yeah go for it but otherwise dont bother!

Answer #4

What they choose to do is their business not yours. If they decided to go shoot up on cocaine, why not leave them to it? Besides, it’s only weed. I’ve never tried any drugs myself, but I know lots of people who do. It’s not a big deal.

Answer #5

ok so its not really that big of a deal! pot doesnt do anything to you and has never killed anyone and thats a fact I mean cigeretes kill wayyy more people then pot could ever hurt so it is probably just a phase your friend is going through and it might seem like a big deal now but it really isnt and the truth is that everybody hates a snitch and that sounds really mean but im just warning you that if you tell, you will probably loose your best friend and a lot of other people will be pissed off so the best thing is to just not tell and if you hear about your friend doing other serious drugs like meth or heroin then is a good time to say something but pot really isnt that bad

Answer #6

Do not report them! If you don’t like that they did it don’t hang out with them anymore. Its that simple.

Answer #7

I seriously do not understand why this is getting so much negativity. It’s a choice to smoke weed, sure, but it is a choice to do something which is not allowed. By engaging in that activity, those kids CHOSE to take the risk! There is absolutely nothing wrong with reporting them, but all the above attitude should definitely tell you that anonymity is your friend.

As far as I’m concerned, anyone dumb enough to get caught taking illegal drugs needs to face the consequences that, ahem, they signed up for. Anything else is ridiculous.

Answer #8

I have a 15 year old son and as far as I know he has never tried Pot (or any other Drug) and tells me he is totally against it, of course I believe him, but I also know that is exactly the story a using Teen would tell their Parents so I know I could be wrong. Anyway I have talked with him on this subject, and I have advised him that it is not a good idea to try to prevent or stop any of his peers from doing drugs through Adult intervention as it causes problems for him and potentially unnecessary problems for his peers. He has told me of other Kids using and even offering him. He says he tells them “Dude I am not into that, if you want to do it then fine, but keep it away from me” I feel that is a good way of dealing with it, I just Hope this is really how he deals with it.

Answer #9

Where I’m from they say, “Snitches get stitches”…LOL. But seriously, each of these teens are their own individuals and the choice (whether good or ill) is theirs to make. As many of the others here have said, you should talk to them rather than turn them in. One good reason for not turning them in is that, for the most part, it’s not going to accomplish much; if they want to smoke they will regardless of the consequences. On the flip side, if you speak to them about how you feel you may be able to reach them in a way an adult can’t. The decision is yours but you can always lead by example, show them what they can accomplish if they choose to be drug free.

Answer #10

My suggestion. If this is the first and only time, leave it at that. Sometimes teenagers try stuff and then leave it. However if they continue leaving school and smoking pot comes in the way of them getting an education and missing on class then I would report them.

However I would suggest that if you do report them to do it anonymously, otherwise you could lose your friends and be labelled and outcast. I.e. go speak to the headmaster and tell him that you don’t want to be mentioned or write an anonymous letter to report them.

You heard right. No drug is good for you, and that includes smoking (not just pot).

Answer #11

Honestly talk to them not a teacher tell them your uncomfortable with it. It could be way worse if they were shooting up heroin or smoking crack I’d say go tell but seriously weed isn’t a big deal. If you told on them that could really mess up their lives like to the point of going to juvi and getting expelled which is significantly worse then the effects of smoking pot.

Answer #12

Kay…so you’re an athlete thats grand, but the weed happens to be their choice not yours. First off talk to your mates, tell them how you feel and leave it at that. Because plenty of young people try drugs (gods sake I had weed when I were 14) and its a way of testing new things. Be thankfull it were weed and not acid or some messed up rubbish like that. If you turn them in you are just likely to lose some friends and you wouldn’t really achieve anything. Except getting into the headmasters good books and some people expelled. Don’t report it, snitching is never a good triat.

Answer #13

sorry for being a “bitc h” but im an athlete and I forever being warned about drugs, and advised not to take them

Answer #14

dude its just pot chill and quit being a little bitc h

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