What do I do about this pregnancy so young?

I’m almost 13 and am about to have a baby girl. what do I name her? My mom is so f*cking mad at me! I’m not allowed to see Kevin (the father) until the baby visits him, and very briefly in school. I’m 7 months along, and people make fun of me ‘cause I’m pregnant. I try to keep strong, but its SO hard! what do I do? Do I have a C-section or do I do it naturally? HELP!!!

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Um, I have no clue but I think C-section is less painful than natural birth..natural birth is going to stretch out your you know lol…everyone is right..but i don’t know about the comment above ^^ it’s wrong/ right at the same time.. but we are not in the generation right now where people have kids at 12-14..we are at a generation where young women should be educated and independent not depending on a man for money or food on the table… you’re a kid..like all the people said..was it worth it..? and if dude really loved you he would want to see you every moment to insure his baby mother is all right..a fathers love for a future child won’t stop him from seeing his baby’s mother no matter what..but i wish you would’ve prevented it..! but for the mean time consider adoption..because like everyone said you are very young..and a kid yourself and trust me dude that did this to you can barely take care of himself..so don’t count on him

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Hello. It is too late for me to preach to you. You are about to have a baby. I am not surprised your mother is angry with you. I hope she is angry with the father, too. He should have known better than to ever get involved with you from day one. What’s done is done, moving on. A ceserean is done for several different reasons. You cannot choose to have one or other. Unless you and your doctor have discovered some reason you cannot deliver this baby vaginally and have planned a ceserean, it will be expected for you to deliver this baby vaginally. To have a baby “natural” means you want to do so without any help of pain relievers or the epidural. Sometimes complications arise and during labor it becomes evident that a ceserean is needed. These complications are not usually dangerous and quickly remedied after delivery. I have delivered 5 children and I could tell you all about them and you may not have similarity to my stories. Every delivery is different. I had two vaginally and 3 cesereans. And one of those vaginal births, was completely non-medicated.

For naming your baby, are there names that you really like? Is there someone in your family that you really look up to and would like to name your baby after them. Do you think you love the baby’s father? Maybe if you are having a son, you can name him after his father. You decide.

Last thing, I hope you have learned something here. If you have not already, become well-educated about “the birds and the bees”. Be aware of your own body. You see how the people around you react to you being so young and pregnant. Be a good mother and remember to teach your child the facts about sex so your son/daughter can have all the information to protect him or herself. Good luck to you and your baby.

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Okay there are so many negitive feilds to you about being 12 and having a baby. Yes, its wrong that you are only 12, your not even a teenager, it doesnt make it right to be a teenager and having sex too, but let me tell you something, depending on which state you live in, its illegal to have sex under the age of 17. Your still a child hun and your about to go through the biggest life changing experiance a woman goes threw. For most girls your age its periods, but your about to be a mom. The most blessed gift in the world. I am almost 17 years old, and i have 17 neices and nephews. I grew up my whole life around children, I started babysitting at the age of 10. When you have your baby, if you ever babysat before…It is way different when its your own baby. I just want to say, you need to be a stronge, young woman when its time for your baby to come, because you will be scared. Dont be. It hurts to see that your a child having a child, but im glad you carried that baby, because IMO abortion is murder. Your mother is angry with you because her baby is having a baby. She never thought that this wouldnt happen to her baby girl. Though she is angry with you, she will be a mother and be there for you when the baby is born and after the baby is born. She loves you and there is no way your mother will be angry at you forever. I never knew anyone who was 12 and pregnate, but my brother was 17 when he had this first child, though my mother was angry she was still there for my brother and my brothers girlfriend at the time. I hope this be a lesson to you not to have sex anymore. It does come with consiquences and you see how everyone is saying your ruining your life, they need to reliaze that they are talking to a scared 12 year old who is about to have a child, something most people dont go threw until there 20 and sometimes 30’s. Your not, you maybe going to go threw a rough stage now when you have your baby, but your still a kid and you need to start doing kid stuff. You have so much ahead for you in life. Dont be one of those teenage mothers who adandon there baby. Your mother will be there for you, and if your mother cares, she will let you have a normal life. BUT you are still going to be a mother. Here are some helpful links, maybe you can read up on about going threw birth and baby names. Its okay, there will always be someone there for you. Dont be scared!!! Have a good one, and I will pray for you. Good luck. If you need anything feel free to message me =)

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My sister is pregnate right now, she is 25 but here are some links she uses





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I’m very sorry why’all feel that I am one messed up child. I’m going to have to dissapoint you, though, because I’m not. I am trying to make a point to people so that THEY don’t make mistakes. Thank you, stephanief987 and kippy905.

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i just noticed that all these people are saying how dumb you were, no offense, but people look, she asked what to name her baby. personally i’ve always liked caroline or constance.

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the doctor will make that decision for you, whether you should have a c-section or not. but can you honestly blame kids for making fun of you? you’re 12! kids your age aren’t mature & are awfully cruel. your life is honestly over now .. but congrats on being a new mom, not many are as lucky as you .. !

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I think by now the baby is born, but I just want to say that I think you are a very strong young lady to have to go through this so early in life. And to those people on here calling you a slut obviously are very ignorant for writing such things about you. People come on here for help, not judgment. But, I am sorry the kids at school are saying things. I am very proud of you for staying in school getting your education. Please update and let us know how your little girl is doing.

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If I was in your situation, I would put the baby up for adoption because you’re way too young to have a child, you’re still a child yourself. I know you don’t want to hear that. But I’m not in your situation so I don’t know what it’s like to have a baby so young, and I don’t plan on finding out. But good luck with your decision.

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Do Be Ashamed Of Having A Child. I Mean If You Really Thought About Grandparents Started Having Kids At The Age && Had Up To About Twenty. I Know My Grandmom Had Her First At 14 && Had 16 Kids In All. And at My {middle} School Most Of The Girls Had Kids Or Were Pregnant. I Not Telling You To Go Out && Have You A Football Team But Be Comfortable With Your Situation. No That Everthing Happens For A Reason && God Will Make A Way.Don’t Let People Criticize You. Let Them Know You Weren’t The First To Get Pregnant At An Early Age && Won’t Be The Last!!! So Keep Your Head Up && Be A Great Mother. And My Favorite Girl Name Is Faith Hope After Miley Cyrus!! Love Tipp

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I think the right thing to do here is give the baby up for adoption. That doesn’t make you a BAD Mom, it makes you a Mom who cares about your baby. You are just not as good a mother as you would be if you were older. Recognize that your baby needs to come into a whole and loving family. A side effect of this is that it is better for you too. I am so sorry you have to face this, but in my opinion, adoption is the right thing. Good luck and take care!

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i understand what your saying somewhat b/c i am 14(i will be 15 in nov.) and 19 weeks pregnant.i didnt lose my virginity until i was 14 and im still with my 1st.but i know what its like to be really scared because i do not know what kind of birth 2 have either.all i can really say is stay strong and good luck.but there are links where there is many pregnant teens some your age,older ,and even some younger. well heres a website (cause i cant remember the other)


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im not gonna yell at you and tell you that you made a stupid choice like almost every other person that responded. i just want to let you know that its up to you how you feel about this and your mom shouldnt be trying to keep you and (is he still your boyfriend?) apart. she should accept that this is happening and she should help you raise your girl. i think you should tell her some of this…maybe in nicer words than i’ve put it, but you should try and convince her that your life isnt gonna be over because you have a child at a young age. as for a name, you might want to go for something unique, or maybe a family name…its all your opinion.

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For all of you who answered to my post of “WHAT DO I DO ABOUT THIS PREGNANCY SO YOUNG?”, thx! I posted this for teens who were thinking of becoming pregnant and who were already pregnant. I hope it taught them the valuable lesson that this can be a very bad thing, and it demands ENORMOUS responsibility! I’m not really pregnant, dont worry! = - ). My maidenhood is still intact! I wouldn’t lose my virginity to some loser dude off of the side of the road! I’ll ONLY share it to the lucky man who becomes my husband! Having a baby anytime soon hasn’t really crossed my mind. When I have my first child, i’m going to be in my 20’s or 30’s. You all are WONDERFUL advisors, keep advising! By the way, i’m thinking of starting a reality lessons club for teen pregnancies. Would you like to join? Please don’t be angry at me! Thank you,

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um let me get yall straight,everybody makes mistakes.yall cant judge her.gurl dont let these people tell u negative things.gurl always remember ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE YOU. i know wat u r goin through.i first had sex at the age of 12 too.i wish i could hav waited.gurl i dont blame u but everybody makes mistakes.as long as u hav God by ur side,u will make it through.gurl dont worry about all those people thats makin fun of u.gurl keep ur head up and keep it held high.how old is ur baby daddy?


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Even if your mom is mad at you, you are still fortunate to have a concerned person beside you because you are in a situation that really needs attention and care. You need her advice on how to do so many things once the child is born.

Ignore the people who make fun of you. You got to face these consequences.

About having c section or doing it naturally, it is the doctor’s decision depending on your progress during labor. Some women even have natural delivery two times and then on the third they have cs. But that’s seldom.

Take care of yourself and your baby. Do morning walks and eat lots of fruits.

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you are way too young to be having a kid. you should have thought about this when you were doing it. and your way too young to be even thinking about having sx. if you were my kid i would have beat your a*. & the doctor does decide for you. and you’re probably going to have a seasection if your insides are too small. and if they aren’t it will probably be a natural birth. but i’m sorry to say it, but that was a really skanky move. think next time, are guys worth it?

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u cant choose to have a c section your doctor chooses for u…and im sry hunny but your way too young to have a kid…your only 12.. you ruined your life all over sex with sum boy who probably didnt know what he was doin..

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if i was ur mom, id be quite mad at u as well. Its really to late for her to say the two of u cant see one another the damage is done now. Im sure I I dont have to tell u how bad of a mistake you have made by getting pregnant at such a young age. Your life will never be the same again. However, u might as well get it together and try ur best to make the most of this situation. A lot of parents tend to be REACTIVE to their childrens bad decisions. When in fact if they had been PROACTIVE maybe their child/children wouldnt be in the predicament. Honey have u had any type of prenatal care. I ask because u arent even aware that u do not decide on whether to have a c-section or naturally.

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f*cking slut! your 11 and having sex? your fault your pregnant.

Answer #21

Guys, um… it was just a question to see what your reaction was, like snowy said.


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what the hell, you are one messed up child why would you get all these people like…worried about you, so you can “prove” something to the rest of the world. get real.honestly.

Answer #24

It was just a question to get your response to see what you thought of it…

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