What are emos and are there any here?

What do emos were? are there any emos here?

Answer #1

There’s trendy, and then there’s Emo. Trendy- Hot Topic girl pants, slim-fit t-shirts/one size too small, Chuck Taylors, hair but by themselves in “Emo fashion” (I.e., short in back, longer in front covering the eyes. The reverse mullet). Toss on some eyeliner, a sad attitude and you have your basic, trendy Emo kid. Okay, and now for the non-trendy Emo kid description: Cheap clothes from a thrift store that are too small (girl pants, yet again, but not the jeans from Hot Topic), home-made shirts, hardcore (as in genre) band shirts, punk band shirts, maybe toss in some Bauhaus. Emo kids are pretty much the reject Goth kids of the suburbs. They have no plight, no bad lives. They’re just sad that they don’t get to have a new(er) car when they turn 16. Emo kids are a spin-off of the Goth/Punk scene from the 1980’s. Thank you My Chemical Romance, The Used, Atreyu, and so on. (Basically, the entire line-up of the Warped Tour 2005 contributed to the Emo Kid craze.)

Answer #2

No one is emo because emo is a stereotype. Unless they try to fit into the mold created by everyone else who thinks they know what they’re talking about.

The Warped tour was not emo.

Those bands have been around wayyy before this “emo” plague started.

Know your stuff before you talk.

Answer #3

well, first off all emos dont cut themselves and cry. its their choice if they want to. well, im not emo but, emos are emotional (at least some are), they wear black, black nail polish, eyeliner/mascra. and emos are around. some also skateboard. so yea, thats what emo is. and emo is also a genre/style of music. like rap, hip hop, etc… so yea.

Answer #4

Emo is a music genre, but it seems to me that these days its been used a stupid label associated with self harm and depression.

To be honest, its one of the most pathetic labels ever. Its better to be yourself.

Wearing tight jeans, liking my chemical romance and crying doesnt make you emo. I dress like that and feel like punching anyone who calls me it. haha.

Answer #5

i dnt lable myself but ppl use to consider me emo..now they consider me glam rock lol…i have a lot of emo friends tho…and there not that bad lol..just ppl judge them alot based on what they wear..most people look at emo kids but they dont really see…

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Answer #7

I’m emo!! I don’t see anything wrong wiv us!!! I think were betta than dem FXCKIN CHAVZZ! ROFL From: xxemohugzzneededxx

Answer #8

im emo emo is short for emotional that duzn’t mean we all cut our wrists and worship the devil and are gay! anyways I luv all the black and music

Answer #9

probabaly. emos are everywhere. but dont diss emos. the depressed ones are posers, drug abusers or attention seekers

Answer #10

I am considered emo because I wear balck clothes and eyeliner.. I wear chuck taylors and shop at Hot Topic but I do not cut yourself To be emo you do not have to That is called being a ‘cutter’

Answer #11

not all emo’s cut, they’re emotional and express their feelings. I am a ‘scene’ girl I guess and people always call me emo. But oh well, I dont care.. Emo boys are very sexy to me! =D

Answer #12

chris angel isnt emo lol hes mystic bike I guess you could call it bike jacket the ussual worn our mechanic style jeans then from neck up its mystic kindof like emo but not exactly its like mysterious punk but yea who ever said it up^^^ his bling is pretty sweet

Answer #13

Hi im an emo and if you want to no what they were then its simple, if you want to be an emo then just get a black top really tight jeans and sum converse or DC trainers.If you want accecories then all you need is a studded or thick belt and sum wrist bands and stuff. hope it wurks for you from Faye x.x.x

Answer #14

lol emo just means emotional it doesn’t really mean “goth” its more like depressed or what ever also if you are an anime lover consider sasuke from naruto lol

Answer #15

I’m emo

Answer #16

I love emos but emo means “emotional”.They cut theireselves and wear black nail polish and eye liner/mascara.More than likely they have long hair that covers their eyes and they like to skateboard.Also wear black a lot aaand have a lip ring but if they are younger they probably wont have one : p Thats the way I see things now.Like the one in the pic ^-^

Answer #17

First Question
Emo is short for emotional, and it is actually a music genre, but has kind of spiralled of into a label. They dress in hottopic often, and listen to bands like Billy Talent and FOB. Second-Hand Serenade is also a favourite. You can also be an extreme emo and just mope about stuff, stuff you don’t really need to mope about and cut themselves or write poetry about there cruddy lives. Second Question Uh, I am half screamo quarter decadora girl an eighth emo and another eighth prep/ronin! Yeah, I am Hyper: ALL THE TIME!!!

Answer #18

It doesn’t matter how you dress. It doesn’t matter how you look. All that matters is how you FEEL. If you are emotional and sad. If you are a dreamer and wish for things that give you a heart ache when you think of them because you don’t think it is possible for you to get. THAT is emo. THAT is what we’re about. NOT dressing black. It is not what we display ourselves as because that can always be a mask, covering up ouselves.

Answer #19

ok well some people would call me emo I wear a lot of black & I wear skinny jeans DCs masscea/eyeliner &my hair is all ways in my eyes & I’ve cut myself be4 so I guess you can call me emo but like I didnt dye my hair black im still blonde & I dont cut my self anymore & like I care bout like[sumtimes] but still like I dont classifly myself as emo maybe skater/puck/rocker but not an emo im not sayin that theres anything rong with emos im just saying im not 1 && just because you because urself doesnt mean your emo btw

Answer #20

Aw you’re so kawaii neways Emo people have a certain sense of style, and I suspect that because there are so many questions on the web about people wanting to be emo, that most emo kids today are probably posers! >_< Emo kids are sometimes depressed; NOT always they are highly emotional <3 and as a

Postcript, Emo guys are HOTT, but they tend to be caught kissing other emo guys, if anyone can tell me WHYYY please Funmail me ^_^

Answer #21

people think im emo

Answer #22

I think emo guys are cute. I love their hair and even a bit of their makeup and jewellry. Like Christ Angels.

Answer #23

I’m not emo but I know what they wear they will wear black nail polish and black hair and black clothes pretty much every thing black

Answer #24

I have a lot o emo friends And they r so freakin’ awesome… Well except for one. JK

Answer #25

im considered emo because I cut but imma punk/skater

Answer #26

im emo I dont cut myself tho

Answer #27

im an emo girl.why?

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