What do blind people who were born blind see?

Do they just stay watching nothing? Like when we close our eyes and see nothing but the colour black? Or white? How do they read by touching the letters if they’ve never seen them before? Why do they hear everything so well?!! Even when your steps on the floor that you can’t hear!! Do they ever know how they look like?? Do they ever know what colours are?? Or how a human’s body is?? And when they sleep, don’t they ever dream? If so, what do they dream about if they don’t even know how things look like??? How do they know if the room they’re in is dark or not?? Tnx 4 answering if you will or did! Lol

Answer #1

he see things due to imagination’s.. as you alway’s imagine how heaven is

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I think, in there dreams they only experience there other senses. Since they have never experienced color, and so they can never imagine it. but again, they cant imagine shapes, because if they do , they can only picture it as black object in a black surrounding which doesn’t help. there mentality helps them by memorizing what comes next as a pattern (experience). It’s really complicated.

Answer #3

I dont have all the answers, but to your reading question, remember that letters and words in themselves hold no meaning… it is because we ascribe meaning to the shape and combination of the letters that they make sense and communicate something… so people who are blind ascribe meaning to those particular shapes… (it’s like how deaf people have sign language, those signs mean words, even if they’ve never heard the words being spoken)

They hear so well because your body and brain adapt to compensate for the loss of one of the senses. It is a defense mechanism, they need to hear especially well to protect themselves…

I dont think they know what colors are

What do you mean how a human body is - they can feel it, so they have an idea of it’s shape and texture, but probably not what it looks like

Everyone dreams, but you dream according to what the world is like to you, you see images, I’m sure their dreams are more filled with sounds and textures…

Well I guess they wouldnt know if a room was dark or not? Although they might know by an increase in temp (like if it’s daytime, the sun’s out, it gets hotter)

Answer #4

WHOH, dude, slow down!! ^_^;; Anyway, here goes: Reading: They have a system called “Braille”. It’s made up of multiple arrays of raised dots in different patterns. These patterns form letters and numbers. Check out the signs in your public library or your school. You may find some examples!

Hearing: I don’t know…One theory I’ve always had was, as they can’t see, their bodies don’t waste any energy on the eyes and simply send it to the other sensory organs instead, the ears being one group of those.

What they “see”: You’re right, it’s pitch- black for them. Just as you said, we can have the same effect when closing our eyes.

Do they know colors?: NO. They cannot understand colors. You’ll understand if you close your eyes and try to pick out something, say, green from your closet WITHOUT OPENING YOUR EYES.

Do they know what a human body looks like?: They can figure out the general shape from their sense of touch. This can lead to rather…awkward situations, but Thank GOD that they make separate textbooks for blind people…Which I would guess have raised diagrams in them…I don’t know for sure, though.

Do they dream?: Probably. If they do, it would probably be as if you were playing a game or movie on your computer and turned off the monitor. You won’t SEE anything, but you can HEAR the sounds! Alternatively, they might dream of what they THINK things would look like.

Can they tell if a room is lighted or not?: Umm…NO, not usually.

Answer #5

as there blind, they cant see anything unles there partly blind, they dream an have images in there head of what things and people look like as people describe things to them,and becuase they have lost there site or been born with no site there other sences are more alert, and they read by using brail wich is a number of dots used 2 make up letters, words and numbers.Obviously there going to know what colours are because they would have learnt about them but I dont actualy think they know what the actual colour is if you know what I mean? and im guessing they do dream, everybody dreams, people can descibe to theblind of what things look like an im guessin they dream by having images in there head of what cartain things look like I dont think they could tell if a room is dark or not, as if there fully blind they wont b able 2 c anything at all

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there is an kid in my class I have known for 6 years he can see nothing it is a black he said it is like us closing our eyes and walking around but they might have a lot of surgerys

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RESPONSE TO sophie_lea07 Answer:

Obviously there going to know what colours are because they would have learnt about them but I dont actualy think they know what the actual colour is if you know what I mean? and im guessing they do dream, everybody dreams, people can descibe to theblind of what things look like an im guessin they dream by having images in there head of what cartain things look like

I agree at first glance the answer does appear obvious, they know what colors are and what things look like because they have been taught but then you have to think, how on earth can you teach color to a blind person. It’s actually a very deep philosophical question. Our imagination sees colors and images and hears sounds so I imagine a blind person will only experience their working senses in their imagination. If the blind person has the a sense of touch he/she could possiblly create a 3D interpretation of the feeling but with the absence of any sort of image. It would literally be impossible to explain sight, colors, light and dark acuratly to a blind person. I just thought of a really good way to explain how difficult it would be and how much the blind person would not be able to comprehend an explanation. Lets just say all children that are born from today have evolved into the next stages of human evolution and each child is in possesion of a new sixth sense that hightens their perception of this world by a massive 100%. They experience this new perception without having to use their other senses of sight, touch, smell, hearing or taste, it’s something completly new to us, something that nobody has ever imagined before as a possibility. You see how we would not be able to even concieve such a sense because are intelligence is limited only to the senses we have. Most people would think of it as being some sort of telepathy so lets also exclude that, now do you see my point? It would be impossible for us to understand, just the same as I imagine it would be for a blind (from birth) person to undertand light and colors. Finally I just want to mention, I did read somewhere that there was this women who has always been blind since birth and regardless of her disability she lived a happy and full life, one day had a near death experience and in that moment see saw for the first time. When she woke again, see slumped into deep depression and told everyone she had no idea what she was missing before. She said it felt like her whole life before had now been empty. She never believed she had a disability until the moment she saw. She compared it to someone meeting a real alien for the first time. How the very fabric of everything you understand to be proved wrong then taken away again. Poor women, Imagine having to experience that !!! I think this is a fasinating and extreamly deep subject and for anyone else who may be interested in more areas of this subject here is the url to an article written by author and neurologist Oliver Sacks about the connection to blindness and consciousness: http://www.fortunecity.com/emachines/e11/86/blind.html After reading this article I believe blind people or rather blindness is going to eventually reveal things about ourselves in a spiritual sense through science.

Answer #9

they can tell if a room is light or dark. just like if you close your eyes in the dark and somebody turns the light on. im friends with a blind girl and she does swimming, ice skating and heaps of stuff. she was born blind. she walks around school really fast because she knows exact routes. she says she dosent really miss sight because she dosent know what it is and dosent really know any different. its like me telling you I have tenisieka. you have no idea what it feels like to have tenisieka and dont really understand what it is so you dont miss it and dont feel sad about it. if everyone had tenisieka, you might feel a bit left out but not disadvantaged. hope I helped explain a bit more. btw tenisieka is a made up word and dosent actually mean anything lol. xx

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