What disc do you need to play old XBOX games on xbox 360?

what disk do you need to play old games from xbox to xbox 360 where do you download it from xbox live

Answer #1

I didnt know you needed one… I was playing nhl on my 360 a couple days ago, no accesories

Answer #2

if it says DC somewhere on the case, you can play it. dc stands for dual-compatible and that means you can use the game on the 360.

Answer #3


Original Xbox game support requires a hard disk drive (HDD) accessory on your Xbox 360 console.

The first step is to connect your Xbox 360 console to your broadband connection. See http://www.xbox.com/connect for details.

The second step is to create an Xbox LIVE membership or add Xbox LIVE to your offline profile, if you haven’t already. A profile can be created from the Dashboard by pressing the Xbox 360 button and selecting “Sign In” or by pressing the X button. The Dashboard will take you through the process of creating a profile, but you need to select “Join Xbox LIVE” to finish creating the profile.

Your console will be restarted when you join Xbox LIVE, so be sure to save your game progress before doing this step.

You will need to enter in some information to create your membership (such as name, age, membership type, etc.) The whole process is painless and should take about five minutes or so. Select any type of Xbox LIVE membership you want to get these types of updates.

Following the addition of your Xbox LIVE membership, you may be asked to update the software on your console. Select “Yes” and wait for the update to finish.

Finally, make sure you’re signed into Xbox LIVE, and then place an original Xbox game in the drive and close it. This will start the backward compatibility application and cause Xbox LIVE to send an update to the application, if necessary.

Note: Once you have started this process, you must proceed to completion. Failure to complete the install process may result in your Xbox 360 being unable to play any games until you have finished.

Once this update is installed, you are ready to play any supported original Xbox games. Future updates will be installed automatically, as long as you are signed into Xbox LIVE when you start the original Xbox game.

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