What dirty texts should i send to my boyfriend?

I really want to text my boyfriend dirty messages so it will turn him on and so he will want to text me more...please any answers are much appreciated...

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I had a very simular dimlema but not a boyfriend just a guy I have a massive crush on.. who I been sleeping with..
the thing is to say something that will really get him going.. know his weekness and he will defernatly reply for instance..
I recently sent:
'I wanna suck your c**k so much you will be begging for more. I wanna feel you coming down my throat.'
He loved it and I got a reply ;)

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Say somthing like:

As I'm sitting beside you I slowly run my hand across your body, I love the way you feel. Your lien down so I turn around and sit on you, giving you a cheeky smile, I start to slowly kiss you then gradually make my way down your neck. I kiss all the way down your tonned gorgoeus body until I get to your hips, I then start to kiss in a straight line to tease you a little. I sit up and undo your button with one hand whilst the other is squeezing your hip, Im sitting in a great possition so not only you but me aswell feel every move I make.

This is a great text to send to start of as they always tb asking what happends next :O or, he just jumps in his car and comes round :)
Good luck!! If your horny you will be ace at sending them x

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send him a good boobs picture and say come over tonight and we will play =]

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Don't. That's just gross to do that. I would never.

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