what did you do in 9th and 10th grades?

give full explanations of what you did in 9th and 10th grade. have you ever got into a fight and why? how was your grades? you basically telling me what you did in 9th and 10th grades with full explanations and why you did such things

Answer #1

Well I haven’t even finished my 9th grade year but I hope you don’t mind that I’m answering this anyways :)

Okk So for 9th grade this far has been uberly exciting and full of stuff! There have been a lot of parties, which some of which kids got busted for drinking and smoking illegal substances. And some of those kids even went to jail. There was a girl who died… :( That was really sad. She was in a car accident.. And then the next day a girl was hit by a car walking to school, but she was ok. I’ve actually gotten into 3 fights so far this year. The first one was just a verbal fight. the second one was just me and this girl who for some reason hates me.. And the latest one, which I got suspended for three days, was because this girl called me a spic. Which I DID NOT appreciate. So I broke her nose lol. But yup. My grades are pretty good all A’s except for Pre Calc. That class just gets to me hahaha :)

Answer #2

Lol so sorry for the storybook! I type really fast and I can get carried away. Oh yeah, and no fights for me, just an onlooker for them haha

Answer #3

my 9th year I Messed up real bad. I use to skip classes all the time. used to get in trouble all the time. used to leave school early.

and.. that got me put into a alt. program for like a year.

when I was in there I failed my first time in there. and then I seen that I need to stop acting so childish so when I came back to do my 2nd time in the program. I passed it with A and B’s. now am back at my highschool in my 10th year. am having a great time making good grades :) Don’t mess up your years it will make thing harder

Answer #4

played runescape what else?

Answer #5

9th grade was when my grades dropped and I wasn’t myself. 10th grade brought me back when I became more open and friendly, but my grades still didn’t improve - I got a few fails. 9 & 10 are also the grades you make more friends and ditch the bad ones. they are probably the changing years for me

Answer #6

9th and tenth grade I just smoked pot skiped school smoked somemore pot then skiped some more school it got really bad but hey I’ve learnd from my mistakes and moved on and now im a beekeeper.

Answer #7

My 9th and 10th grade years were so boring. No fights or anything. There was an all-night party that was pretty awesome, it was a shool dance, then we went to a roller rink/dance club place, then to the YMCA, then bowling. My grades were mostly B’s and some C’s. Like 75% of my Chemistry class was spent watching episodes of CSI ;) Thats probably why I suck at it.

Answer #8

In 9th grade, I was in cheerleading. I found highschool very overwhelming because there were about 1200 students total and It was a new school for me. Although, I went to 8 different schools in my younger years, I adjusted quickly and made friends easily. I finished high school there though but anyway, I basically did cheerleading. Since I’ve only ever had broad friendships, I didn’t have any ‘close’ friends and everyone was sort of established in their clicks. I hung out with every click as usual because I valued different traits in all of them. Although, I had a real close friend and neighbor whom I sort most of my afternoons and weekends with. I drank for the first time for Mardi Gras that year and went way over my limit piling eveywhere and not remembering anything for about four hours. No one said I was obnoxious or anything, I just slept in the truck they were pulling the trailor in /: not very memorable and I felt terrible afterward. I had my first cigarette with that dumb neighbor of mine (a friend I shouldve never made friends with) after she asked me seven times and I finally gave in. I then started social smoking (maybe once or twice a month) but now it is a disgusting everyday habit of mine and I wish I had never started! I had my first kiss with a guy that I had just met that day who also lied about his age. I also had a piece of gum in my mouth but it was fun; he was a good kisser. I never liked him and I never wanted to pursue anything, but I still see him around town. I was surprised at how slutty and ‘grown-up’ everyone acted because I was still watching the Disney channel and jumping on my trampoline every afternoon. I didn’t have time for stupid boys and I was pretty innocent until the ninth grade corrupted me. My grades were very good with A’s and B’s, but I missed the last day of my English class because I went to Panama City Beach for a vacation with my friend’s family, so the demonic teacher gave me a F. The teacher wouldn’t let me take the final early and it’s stupid because English was my best subject in highschool; she was very hateful and strict. I didn’t go to any dances because my family was stupid and involved real bad with drugs so I never had money to buy all that stuff and I never really had friends over. In 10th grade, I wasn’t in cheerleading due to family issues and money. I moved out of my house and moved in with a friends aunt who was a teacher at my highschool my 9th grade year, but started working as a student counselor at a junior high in town. I had excellent grades and I was much more focused on being my age than what the other kids were doing. I started a little job that year at an elementary in an after school tutoring program. I met my best friend Jenny there, who actually went to the same school as me too. When we found that out, we were both ecstatic and were inseparable all throughout highschool. I was on stricter terms in my new home and I did a lot with the friends they found fit; which I understood then and I was glad they did beause I was able to make better friends later and refrain from stupid decisions made due to ignorance. I had my first boyfriend but all we did was talk on the phone lol. He was very cute and all but my guardians wouldn’t let me talk to him anymore because he was a dropout and into rooster fights. Lol, yeah, very country. Ohh, and I cried but I got over it. Once again, Im glad they did beause he had a baby with a girl he’s not even with anymore a mere, two years later. He also ruined his pretty body with I swear over 25 of the ugliest tatoos including: “Your name” on his behind, a fly on his member (so he says), some funky Old English letters with his last name all across his chest, a gigantic rooster on his back (WTF?), and some strange dolphin tribal circle around his bellybutton? Thank you God for turning me the other way! lol I have to say I was pretty sheltered my tenth grade year, but it’s not like I didn’t know what was already out there. I went to homecoming that year and it was fun, but I barely knew my date which was just another friend’s infamous “Oh, I know who I can hook you up with” dating service. I didnt care for him that much and I wouldn’t let him pay for my food (Chinese) because I was trying to be all independent with my 130.00 a month job lol. He wasn’t from our school and I felt like I was babysitting at our own homecoming when I really wanted to hang out with everyone else and visit. Now, Junior and Senior years are a completely different life and story from these two; funnest years of my life though!

Answer #9

Lol I’ve considered it; it would be wild! Haha

Answer #10

lyndsyalyce I enjoyed your storybook:) interesting..u should write a novel..

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