What did woodrow wilson do in the 1920s that made him famous?

I needed to write a few paragraphs about some things from the 1920s one of them is to write something about Woodrow Wilson, I found quite a bit of info on him but I still dont understand what made him so famous and what he actually did during the 1920s. (All I know is that he later became the 31st president [1928 - 1933])

Thanks :)

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Wilson led the nation through World War 1

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Woodrow Wilson was the 28th President, March 4, 1913, through March 4, 1921, not the 31st.

The 31st President was Herbert Hoover.

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oo woops xD I just wrote about herbet hoover aswell :/ thanks for the correction. Do you know what he did tho which made him well known in that time?

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About the only thing Woodrow Wilson did in the 1920s was die. His Presidency was over in 1921 and he died February 1924. Are you sure you have your names/dates right?

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well on the piece of paper it says say something about woodrow wilson and herbert hoover in the 1920s ... its research about the 1920 and im guessing they both must have done something that made them more well known since these are the two names we have to talk about. :P

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Wilson was the fellow behind the League of Nations - the precursor to the United nations, that was supposed to prevent all future wars. He was heartbroken when Congress refuse to join and maintained its isolationist Philosophy. Wislon did virtually nothing in the 20s. He had a stroke, and though unknown at the time, his wife may have played a larger role than any first lady in running the country. She may have ran it, in fact. That might be a good way to approach it.

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