What degree do i need to own and operate my own animal hospital?

I was just wondering what degree do I need to be able to own and operate my own animal vet clinic.

Health care management?
Buissness management?

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I suppose you do not need to be a vet, just as a person who owns a hospital does not need to be a doctor, but unless you want to be shelling out a lot of money on hiring a vet, it would be best if you actually were one yourself... Actually you dont need to have any degree to own any business. Business management would probably help you out the most for any business... Remember though that you need capital to open a business. And you need to figure out where that money is going to be coming from

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youd need to know book keeping

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You need to be a doctor of vetrenary medicine, the business courses you mentioned will be of a great asset to you as well

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