What could happen if you drink toilet water?

I know this is nasty but my sister was wondering... What happen's if you drink a little toilet water... Could you get sick.

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Um well the best thing to do is not to do it... why, well because it is nasty it contains germs that can get you sick and also it contains sometimes products that we use to clean it that could poison us...


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You could drink "fresh" toilet water as long as its not much and there's no chemicals in it. Used toilet water; Yes if it's pee No if it's crap.

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Really it depends, if your toilet is clean or not the water is clean & okay. Like I have 3 dogs all of them drink toilet water & there perfectly fine. just the TOILET its self have to be SQEAKY clean & it has to be fresh clean NEW toilet water. haha silly question btw. :) it made my day... hahaha

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I just aked my dad what would happen he said DO NOT drink it if your human. Humans have a certain bacteria in there body that when you poop it is going in & around the toilet and when you flush the toilet it splashes up and around in the toilet. which if you do clean your toilet it may not get all the bacteria out so. YES if you as a human being drink toilet water you can and may, most likely get sick! :) much love,

Be careful hahaha

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Prosuming you mean a freshly flushed toilet lol. Well it wouldn't really make you sick because everytime you flush fresh water goes in so it would be bassically just like drinking bath water. It would be the millions upon millions of germs around the toilet bowl that would more than likely make you sick tough... But em any sort of bathroom water isn't really that good for you either because the pipes are not filtered like they would be in your kitchen.

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Do not even THINK of drinking water from the toilet.

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Dun't do it, fam.

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