What colour nail polish suits blonde girls?

Im a blonde girl with blue eyes, im just wondering what colour nail polish you think suits blondes... Something that goes with all outfits preferably to :) thanks :d

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I think yellow on dirty blondes are very pretty.
but if yu have like plt. blonde hair then a darker pink but not too dark.
hope this helps.
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It depends,just don't go with the exact color of your hair or skin.try a light pink or a pretty silver if you wear light clothes,if you wear darker clothes(I dont mean like emo,just dont do this if you wear pastels 24/7)try a really deep intense navy blue or dark purple

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ANSWER #3 of 6

light blue or dark blue depending on shade of your hair

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light blue colors :) works for me, and im a blonde :) hope I helps :)

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light pink

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ANSWER #6 of 6

purple or pink maybe blue, purpls prety hehe :-))

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