What colors for my room?

what colors for my room?

help! I can't dicide!

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I had green in my room for a while in our old house. A nice pale limey/granny smith apple green. I never tired of it and it was SUCH a peaceful color - always brightened my mood.

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Of the two, I would pick blue/brown/cream.

what color should I paint my room?

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sorry, I puted a pic of my room but this stupid computer is having emotional problems so I dont know were that pic is at...you have to excuse my computer ok??? she is confused about her sexual life (she doesnt know if she wants to be a girl of boy yet) LOL!!! joke, but purple is great!!!

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And this is the picture above my bed

Best room color.

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Colors for a new room ?
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wow blue brown and cream will be sooo nice. Really classy

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look this is my purple room

Room Colors??
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Blue/brown/cream sounds good.

what color should I paint my room?

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blue/black/white sounds nice =)

What color should i paint my room?
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That is kind of the color scheme I used for my room. Different shades of blue, blue grey, white, and a light birch wood. I love it.

what can be the color of my walls of my bed room when most of my furnitures are chocolate brown in color?

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