what change?

no this is not a hate critic against obama I support him ( I actually thought the coumtry would be go better off with either obama or mccain…and hilary lol) but anyway im really concerend about some of the descions and choices being made by our new president I know its early on in his term as president but still it seem like he’s getting heavely critisized for his actions (here comes the bad comments) since its fairly obvious that when people answer this question their gonna say they want obama out of office which is fine with me because you guys are entitled to your opinion but remember its not about whether you like obama or not because that has nothing to do with this question so canyall please like at least try to anwser the question?

Answer #1

the question basically is what good came out of obamas presidentcy so far

Answer #2

umm, question please.

Answer #3

he is half white, and he is an ivy leaguer, wtf does Ivy league have to do with the common man???

Just remember this!  You friggin people voted for this man  -not me!
Answer #4

embryonic stem cell research has added nothing to the advancement of science. on the other hand. adult stem cell research has added twelve new medical cures.

Why is everyone looking to the president to make their lives better? get off your a== and do something for your self.
Answer #5

what’s the question?

Answer #6

what good came out of obama being president? first off it is a new era in the US. we now have a president that isnt white. that not only gives hope to black people but to anyone who wants to become president. and sorry but about the bad stuff anytime a president has been in office lots of people are on both sides of the decisions. but media likes to show more connotation to get better news. if mccain was Mr P he would have made some decisions that no one would like as well. and second he is making change whether you see it or not. Obama becoming Mr P was a global event. he is also about finding new energy or renewable energy. which will help create jobs and put money back into the economy. in my opinion we needed him way more than mccain. he wasnt even talking about the issues but talking about obama this obama that. that tis my opinion.

Answer #7

So far he has remained steadfast in pushing through corporate welfare for international bankers before congress can examine the bills. Not unlike his predecessor.

On the eve of the next banker bailout… this one to finally handle those toxic assets the first 10 trillion[bloomberg 02/09]… Obama supported… couldn’t seem to cover… we are again being told this is too urgent to delay and discuss. I wonder if the 5 day review will be upheld.

Obama is controlled. Bush was too… albeit part of the control stemming from his place in an insider family.

Meet the new boss… same as the old boss.


Answer #8

well him bein white dont have nothin 2 do wit him bein a good president or not the hairdude and dont get me wrong I appreciate your advice and evrything but ike you said it just seems that he just been getting crticising bout his policies and evrything and people are talkin bout their getting tripled by 2010 and what not and no 1 seems 2 b liking his ideas thats why I asked

Answer #9

This is what I see with Obama’s ‘Change’ policies so far…

As I observe the Obama administration his rhetoric and reality, severely clash , it appears they don’t see people, they see groups and classes - some of which need to be punished, stated ‘spread the wealth around’ - they see a nation of victims - they see free speech they want to suppress - they see people they want to exploit - they don’t see potential - stated: ‘we may not recover from this crisis’, they use crisis, crisis, fear, fear to quickly pass legislation so there’s no time to read it, enabling the cramming-in of agenda, paybacks, and a chance to erode freedoms a little at a time so as not to be noticed - no 5 day public read policy as promised - the last being so urgent, it wasn’t signed into law for 4 days - recently pass a massive spending package, full of (some 4000+) earmarks - after being promised he would go through ‘line by line’ to keep them out - signed in secret - stated: ‘most ethical’, putting a tax cheat in charge to ensure you pay yours - stated ‘no lobbyists’ and he issued a waiver to allow William Lynn, a lobbyist for Raytheon, to serve as the Deputy Secretary of Defense. Since then at least a dozen former lobbyists have joined the administration - stated: ‘big tax break for 95% of Americans’ - that big break stimulus: from the many billions, $13 per week is what people who qualify are getting - that is $676 bucks for the year - don’t get too excited though, because next year it drops to $8 per week - stated: ‘Change doesn’t come from Washington, change comes to Washington’ - also ‘We don’t need the same old politics with the same old people’ - Clinton administration: Rahm Emanuel, Robert Riesch, Leon Panetta, Eric Holder, Carol Browner, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton - Obama administration: Rahm Emanuel, Robert Riesch, Leon Panetta, Eric Holder, Carol Browner, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton - not a complete list - President Obama and Speaker Pelosi slammed through a $787 billion “stimulus” bill to “save the economy.” with $5 billion included for Acorn, under investigation for voter registration fraud - Then, they pass a $410 billion omnibus spending bill with some 8,500 earmarks even though Obama campaigned on a promise to end earmarks - Stimulus for our economy ? - the truth came out, revealing some $93 billion of the tax-payer money went to European, not American banks for bailout and the administration ensured $165 million in bonuses went to the people who ran AIG into the ground and have now taken over $130 billion in taxpayer bailout - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac executives next in the bonus line ? - again, your money - will Obama allow Russian bombers to be stationed in our hemisphere ? - will Gitmo prisoners be released here in America ? - Is super-bailout 2 on the horizon and if so, how much debt are they willing to put on our future generations, what is the money limit ? - when will unbridled spending, a tax like crazy frame of mind, and unlimited bailout’s end ? - are they ‘paybacks’ ? - where’s the instant ‘all will love us’, ‘problems instantly solved’ we were promised ? - with Obama’s decision to fund abortion worldwide, he becomes the most pro-choice/abortion President in history - failing to protect the lives of the weakest among us - Human life is not a commodity of convenience - If Obama sees nothing wrong with withholding medical treatment from a viable baby born alive after a failed abortion, then thrown into a dirty bucket, bag, or put in a room unattended to slowly die… Why would we expect him to respect and care for any human life? - elderly next ? - According to the Gallup poll, the majority of American’s do not approve of the Gitmo / abortion, decisions - Is he bringing back amnesty for “illegal” aliens ? - the Obama 2010 budget: $3.6 trillion - doubling gross debt in 5 years, triple the amount in 10 years - In a new report that provides the first independent analysis of President Obama’s budget request, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office predicted that the administration’s agenda would generate deficits averaging nearly $1 trillion a year over the next decade – $2.3 trillion more than the president predicted when he unveiled his spending plan - this is what I see but many are still fawning, drooling, fainting, and getting tingles up and down their leg…he could never be wrong because he’s so eloquent on teleprompter…listen to what he says not what he does to you is the message…don’t miss April 15th, you won’t get the same ‘innocent oversight’ elite break…using their power to punish at a 90% tax rate, wonder if they could do that to anyone…and it continues…

I believe No American should support policies that take America in the direction of a Socialist State - too many have paid the ultimate price for our freedom, prosperity, and a 200 yr old successful free-enterprise system.

Answer #10

I havent been keeping up with all his policies, but he has signed an equal pay act (you wonder why Bush would refuse to sign an act that made it illegal to pay women less than men), and he’s revoked the whole stem cell research ban, so step forward for science… given he’s only been in office for two months and is trying to fix Bush’s mess from the last 8 years, how about we give him a little time?

Answer #11

Don’t forget tomorrow is April 15th - you won’t get the same ‘innocent oversight’ excuse the elite Secretary of the ‘Most Ethical’ Treasury got !!

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