What can't I Be with My boyfriend.

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Keith isn’t abusive, he Just has trust issues. So I don’t go out, or leave the house, only to school and work. But I’m sixteen, I shouldnt be going out and partying anyway !

  • though, I’m allowed.

Keith is really sweet, funny and cute. He Lives in Newbrunswick Me, In Nova scotia, we Met while I was in Newbrunswick visiting my Dad and friends, His Best friend Matt Introduced us, Love at first sight I Might call it. We hung outt some, went driving, drinking and just having a funn timee being teenagers. We started dating, and he was the best ! It was two weeks later, that I Had to go back to Nova Scotia for Cadet Camp, with Lasted Six weeks, I Called himm everynight, we talked and laughedd, and told eachother how much we need and miss one another. It was like a romance novel. So , adding that all up is Eight weeks = 2 months. August 19th, Still at Camp, Call him because Its His birthday and I even sing to himm. HAPPY NINETEENTH KEIIITHH.

August 24th, I Am Back in newbrunswick, Back in my baby’s arms. Loving lifee, We’re going outt to places, holding hands in publicc, just being right cute.

This start to go sourr, and we start fighting a bitt, or … Disagreeing. I Fight with my mother on the phone, to let me live there with my Dad. Its a No-go. But still to this day, I Want to Live with My Daddy. I Travel home, On the ACADIANN Bus, regretting just .. NOT showing up at my house, and staying in Newbrunswick, whether she liked it or nott. I Could start school there !

But I go home, and me and keith keep contact through the phone and computer, untill the next time I go, which is going to be October 28th. Now, we foughtt a lot. And I mean, He got mad at ME alott, and it would break my heartt, because he would always try to break up with me, Saying Yeah he wants to be with me , but sometimes he feels he has no choice BUT to be with me, because I make a big deal out of it , when we break up. He is my first reall Boyfriend, And we are almost four months into it, whenn We ACTUALLY Break up, and nothing I am saying it fixing the damage. Even when I forgave him, for getting drunk and sleeping with another girl.

Mom is tired of my crying, - And Come to deciidee, I cannot be with him, Talk to him, or contact him while living under her roof. Where does she get off, telling me who I Can and Can’t be with. LOVE is a powerful thing.

So, her and Keith are batteling it outt, ON MY a social site WALL! for all my damn friends to see, my mother arguing with a Teenager. Who she has never met. Kinda pathetic I thinkk.

But I don’t know what to do about it ! I just want my baby backkk . Help?

Answer #1

Hey no offense, but this relationship doesn’t sound healthy at all. Being so young, and first boyfriend, I get that you dont want to hear it. your mom is just doing her job and trying to keep you safe. you should chill because you are probably freaking your mom out. let him go, it sounds like he doesn’t even want to really be with you anyways.

Answer #2

Girl you must be fucking crazy, leave that guy. He slept with someone esle, no matter how druck you are you always know what your doing. Am a guy you know…

Answer #3

…so is naïveté… ù___ú

Answer #4

Yeahhh, But Love is a powerful thingg.

Answer #5

ok ignore all these stubborn people. they have a point but anyways ill tell you my story bout my ex, and ill tell you what you should do. ok so my ex and I met and all of a sudden he kissed me and we started going out well we thought it was love it was my first real relationship and he was my longest well we started fighting and argueing and he would ignore me on days on end we broke up 4 times and when we broke up he went out with another girl also what he did is he cheated on me 4 times and he abused me physicaly and mentally my mom hates him well my whole family hates him and so does all of my friends well anyways I finally had to break it up with him even though I loved him a lot I mean he saved my life like if he didnt find me then I would be dead right now [[thats another long story]] so I thought me and him had something amazing and I thought we could last forever I mean I forgave him for cheating on me but I just had to break up with him cus everything would just keep repeating

but what im trying to get to you is that if you really think about it it is his fault for getting drunk and his fault he cheated on you. I dont know him but knowing most guys once they cheat they most always do it again and since you have a long distance relationship thats what he probably is doing. I know a guy that has moved around a lot and he has about 4 girlfriends and all his gfs think that they are the one and that they are his world but they arent they are just some sex toy.

ya its wrong of your mom to do that but she is protecting you. she may of had something like that happen to her or she doesnt want to see you in pain. parents arent as stupid as you think even if you argue with them and disagree with them. trust me its hard to do but you will one day realize why she done that.

but anyways thats very low of him to be battling out on there he is very immature. but guys arent worth leaving everything for. and heres another story cus it took everyones heart away.. ok well I have a speech teacher and in my class we had to talk about ourselves and so she also gave us her history and well this is her story in 8th grade she fell in love with a boy and they got married when they were 18 well they were married for a long long long time she dropped out of college to move out to colorado because he joined the marines and so then that year that she moved out there he went back to the hometown in iowa to celebrate christmas with his fam and she left everything behind and she became poor so she couldnt go with him and she had kids with this man right and one day on a christmas morning he had his labtop in his lap and one of her children came down and cought him watching porn and so the children told the mom and the mom knew her husband is addicted to porn so she said to stop and so he got his stuff and left the house.

she left everything for this man gave him everything and he became addicted to porn and left her and his kids. im not saying that thiss will be your situation but she left everything an gave everything to him and for him and she got in return a pron obbsessed husband who ended up leaving her and the children.

you need respect for yourself put you in the first thing to protect and you are the person you care for the most because you are the one you are born with and die with dont give yourself away. to some boy who will come and go

I think your best choice is to end the relationship even though its hard to do you deserve better and you need better. trust me dont set aside of what I say to you because I’ve basically been in your position I know what its like and I know what you are doing by staying in this relationship is not only bad for you but your letting him know that he has full power over you and he can do anything and all you will do is forgive him your letting him know you are the weak one. be strong for yourself and know whats right for you

and if you wanna talk mail me or comment me im glad to talk and help[:

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