What can make me know if its implantation bleeding or period?

I had protected sex a week ago , he didnt even ejaculate , or have any "pre-cum" because it was very fast , it was my first time , it hurt a lot , so we couldnt do much it lasted like 5 minutes , we used a condom , it didnt break , that same day before having sex I had cramps like when my period will come , four days later im guessing I got my period , its too early for implantation bleeding , it definetly doesnt look like it ,its not brown or light pink and it has flow and enough blood to be my period , it lasted 5 days maybe six , and I got apetite loss which usually happens when im on my period , but im still not sure , could I be pregnant and be going through implantation bleeding?

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...you're paranoid... plain and simple.

Hellp? How do you masterbate on your period?

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