What can i do with this boy?

Ok so me and this boy had been talking and we decided to go out after a year. We went out for almost only 3 months, the reason why we broke up was because I honestly told him that I had kissed another guy and that was the second time it happened. But I had no feelings for the boy I kissed it was just for fun. But now the guy that I cheated on has a new girlfriend and I still really like him and I miss him and I don't know what to do. And people say that he still likes me but I dont get why he goes out with that girl..Help Please. !

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To make you jealous. He left you because he was pissed (and he had every right to b, you should never cheat) but he still likes you. Cheating with someone doesnt change who you r, and he likes you even though you cheated. You need to do some MAJOR a$$ kissing, but he'll almost ceratinly take you back.

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thee reason whyy he goes ouut w. thhat girl is becasue you kissed thhat boy he felt like you didn't care about him you donnt have feelings thass why he goes out w. thhat girl..donnt worry honney boys come and go i bet you are w. some otha boy thass better than the 2 boys you messed w. ..

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well first he's probably dating her to get you jelous, second you shouldnt have told him you cheeted if you had no feelings for the guy you cheeted with.

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