What can i do when i sneak out with my friends?

Me and my friend are planning on sneaking out tonight, and we are going to an old abandoned house, and we are fixing it up for us to hang at anytime, buuut, what other kind of things can we do when we are there? or what can we do after we are done fixing it up??!! someone please help us, any advise will help, or just things to do when you sneak out, that would help too

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hahahah okaai thats what ill do. once I meet that drugged up hobo imma ask him for some weed and we can party toogether :P

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Well if you run into a drugged up hobo get some weed or somethin from him and invite some guys over trust me it's gonna be fun

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drugged up hobbos arnt fun, if you ever have the chance to run into one, they will scare the crap out of you, and they may even hurt you
people on druggs arnt fun
their dangerous

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The possibilities are endless! You could:
1) Get arrested for trespassing
2) Get bitten by rats or other pests that are probably living in that house
3) maybe fall victim to structural damage...maybe have something fall on you
4) OOOH! You could run into drug addicts or homeless people that are using it for
I mean...you could do tons more!

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you shouldn't sneak out. its dangerous because your parents aren't even going to know you are gone or where you went if something happened to you and if you get caught you are gonna be in a lot of trouble.

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LMFAO dont worry I didnt exactly intend to

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hahahah weeell.,
the drugged up hobos sounded like fuun :)

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