What can i do to make my brother less violent and more nice?

My 11-year-old brother has these violent outbursts of anger most days. I really upsets me and my family as its not nice for any of us. He attacks us and it scares me. He is really violent and goes crazing and he damages and breaks our furniture and other belongings. We have taken him to see a cousellor but it hasnt work. What other options are there? Also what can I do to control him?

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agreed with the above
and when he has violent outburst, another thing you can do is put him in the tub(fully clothed, don't waste your time stripping him) and run ice cold water on him.
Try talking to him, ask him why he's doing it. If he's just doing it to be a little brat, discipline him, stand him in the corner. He needs to know he's not in charge.

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No dont get someone to over power him I would just have a family meeting with him tell him how you feel if that does not work put him in boot camp or even juvenile for a few days but never give up on him has he ever been tested for ad/hd with disruption disorder calles CD if not maybe you should have him tested go to this website WWW.CHADD.ORG for more information about that.

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No. I would try like talking to him really patiently and ask him why he acts that way, or what does he thing when he acts that way. That bahaivior ussually happens a lot when we are chanching meaby he is going trough some chanches making him act like that. Meaby he keeps too much inside. Sometimes it is all inside and also how much attencion he gets. Try asking him or have him go to a councelor or even the school councelor can help him out on this.

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get someone to over power him and hold him down

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