what can I do to keep my chiuahuah for death of a failed pregnancy

my very tiny chiuahuah, princess, is barley 11 months old and somehow she wound up pregnant. this is her first pregnancy. the only male in our backyard is her father and he is very tiny. her mother and her mother’s mother are back there and. her mothers name is cookie and she was also pregnant and just had her puppies a week ago but they were tiny. princess looked humungous and when I got home she had a huge dead puppy with it’s legs out first instead of the head. my mom had to pull it out of her and it was extremely hard to do. my dad believes she will be dead in a week or so because there are still puppies inside of her. please what can I do to make her live without any injuries?

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If you cannot pay for a C-section for a pregnant Chi…then you have no business breeding dogs…Not to mention, Chi’s are NOT outside pets…regardless of children in the house (who ever said a baby cannot live with pets inside??)…

You do NOT do the “best you can”…the BEST would be finding GOOD homes for 8 of these animals…and spaying or neutering one…to be kept as an inside pet…

This is the worst post on dogs I’ve ran into on here in a LONG time…


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Knock off the excuses… you and your family should NOT own ANY animals. What horrible, selfish people…

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I am so happy right now. thank you for your caring advice. princess is not going to die. we woke up today to find two beautiful little boys and she’s fine. the first one just came out wrong and it was too big for her to handle on her own. we didn’t spay her because we wanted her to have puppies. since she’s tiny and we don’t have money for her to be taken for a c section but she does have her shots for her health. my family does care for her, but it did break my heart when they told me nothing could be done. but she’s well!! oh we have them in the backyard because there is a total of 5 dogs and 4 puppies. what would you do keep them inside with a five year old in there?? our 6 year old dog use to be a house dog but when my little sister was born she was kicked out. we do the best we can

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I cannot believe your family has not taken this dog to the vet already, if she is loved and is part of the family then there would have been no thought BUT to get her the medical help she needs, If this is left untreated then YES she could die of infection and you could loose all the puppies. May I ask why she was not spayed at 6 months of age to keep her from breeding with her dad, And why are these dogs kept in the back yard? sorry to pass judgement but your family does not sound like very good dog owners. Why not turn them over to someone who will pay for the medical help they need and a to give them a brighter future.

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“somehow she wound up pregnant”

She is pregnant because your family did not care enough to have her spayed. All of your animals should be spayed and neutered.

Take her to the vet, right away.

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If she still has pups in her, you MUST take her to the vet, or she will die of sepsis. If the lives of these dogs mean SO little in your family, why not at least get them neutered and spayed???


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c section?

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Take it to the vet and get a c-section done. That sounds horrible.

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okay, you guys are insane. this is the worst advice site ever made.. thanks for the insults and have a nice day. and by the way, it’s nature people!! everyone has babies even the dumb stupid preteens are getting pregnant.. so lay off the dogs, they do a way better job. I don’t believe in spaying. thats torture for dogs. and my parents are the most unselfish people I know. talk what you know “utopia” and “pharanie” if this is the worst you’ve seen then you’ve seen nothing.

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She got pregnant by her own father? Most of the time the puppies end up deformed if they inbreed.

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Listen Lizark004, Utopia sees things you would never want to see in your life she knows when there are red flags that the animals are not in the best situation they can be in. And Phrannie is a wonderful dog owner who is very educated in this field. As for me I work at a vet hospital and owners like you make me cry atleast once a week because they cannot AFFORD to do what is best for the animal. YOUR DOG COULD HAVE DIED. and you talk about spaying being torture, What the heck do you think you just put your Chi through. We spay and neuter everyday, these dogs get pain management just like we do when we have surgery. Kicking your dogs out of the house because you have to many to be part of the family, is NOT good dog owners. you need to place theses dogs into homes that will be treated with love and will get any medical attention they need because the person really can do the best for the animal. Do you have any idea how much pain that dog went through while giving birth??? Please get all the right facts before you spat out to the women on this site who are right. As far as preteens having baby’s that is another story, This section is called Pets and Animals. As far as preeteens, drug addicits, abuseres, and the octomom. Trust me, I have lots to say about that subject. but you did not ask that question. Please go talk to your vet and get the answers you need straight from the doctor. You say you were planning on breeding her, well you and your family handled the situation in a bad way. Stop making excuss for the things they do and did wrong as dog owners.

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