What can i do if a study photography?

Well I would love to study photography but the thing is that I don't know what kind of job I can get with it.. Or if I study graphic design.

Can anyone tell me..


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Hun, if you want to study photography then GO FOR IT. You can get a job like you would any other. Go to a portrait studio or anywhere that employs photographers and submit a resume and/or portfolio. Good Luck :-)

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you could always work for a local newspaper to get started and then work your way up to magazines, new, or books

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You can open your photo studio or you can easily get a job in photo studio as a photographer but before all this you need to learn practical things about photography . With the experience you can be good photographer and can work individually or with any workshop. Hope so you understand what i want to advice. In photography you can read about different techniques , accessories like photography backdrop stands or light stands and more... so you need to know each and evrything about photography then you can do anything with photography or you can adopt this as a profession too.

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