What can i do about possible mold/mildew on shower curtains?

I live with 5 other guys in a dorm. We have 2 showers, so three take a shower in each. I looked today, and there's possible mildew/mold growing on the inside of the shower curtain I shower in. What products can clean the mildew out?

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To remove mildew in most cases the application of a strong bleach can be the easiest way to remove it. Bleach will kill any mildew that it comes into contact with, and even stop it growing back in the same spot for a number of weeks. There are of course different brands and similar products that will also be effective, although the branded bleaches all tend to be as successful as each other.

Other strong cleaning products will also kill mildew with ease, such as strong kitchen or bathroom stain removers. The only time to be wary of this method is when applying to wallpapers, as it can bleach the color from the paper, and even cause it to come unstuck.

To make sure that the mildew doesn't come back the best method is to install a ventilation system into the room affected. A ceiling vent or even keeping a window ajar if possible can be the difference between a pristine bathroom and horribly stained and ruined walls and surfaces.


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