What can i do about my big lips?

I have big lips and I HATE them!
People at school constantly tell me "your lips are huge" and they make fun of me, my friends do too =/
amd I'm sick of it!

My mom says that a lot of people would love to have lips like mine, but I think shes just saying it because shes my mom!

Is there any way I can make them smaller or at least look smaller?

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My lips are big too, and I have my lip pierced and she always thinks its swollen, and when I told her I just ahd big lips, she just said " Oh. Well, lots of girls wish they had full lips like that "
Obviously not attractive if she mistaken them for being swollen, eh?

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Try using different types of makeup like backbyter said, but honestly I have no idea why you would want to have smaller lips??? Where im from its always been a plus to have big lips!

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just be happy with them, many people (including me) would kill to have bigger lips

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There are so many celebrities that are injecting fillers in their lips to enhance them - be proud of your lips, try wearing gloss or a pinky colour if you want to take the attention away. I know wearing lipstick/gloss is designed to make them look at them but in fact it doesn't. Try wearing a daring colour for eyes - it takes their focus away.

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Hiii I Have Big Lips And I Have The Same Problem As Yhoo Have with your Frends And At School But Your Mum Is Telling The Truth Look At Angelina Jolease Lips They Gowjus. I Am A Little Over It Now But My Best Maytes Keeps Sayin At Least I don't Have Big Lips and that Rellii Upsets Her because I told Her I don't Lke GHer Sayin It and Ya No The Feelin when Ya Fink Everynes looking At Ya Lips Were In The Sme Boat Hun I Put Foundation Ovaa Them To Make Thm A Lighter Couler And Does Not Look Sooo Red Cya Hun Hpe I Helped BIG LIPS ARE THE BEST

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just look at angelina jolie have you seen her lips yah there big.. but when you add a good lip colourto them they look awesome. example if you are dark coloured dark colours will usually look better and on dark coloured people who have big lips should NOT put on lip gloss!!! it makes your lips look way bigger. if you are light coloured pink will look goood!!! angelina is beautiful and so famouse...remember people would kill for big lips like angelina you or me!!! :D

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to tell you you the truth I dont think so! I also have big lips and get teased by a lot of people. But some people told me they would kill to have the same lips as me and guys like big lips anyways, well you could try soaking them in cold or hot water to c if that works (I dont think so ) anyways the only way you can minimize lips is surgery!! which I will never get done! so its okay every woman is beautiful the way they are who cares if people tease just say. :some people could kill for these kindda lips!!"

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I have big lips and when I say big I a mean big, I am only 13 , use to hate my lips but some people would kill to have big lips. Sometimes people who make fun of you are only jealous and want to make you get down on your self. Even your friends can get jealous. You should embbrace it . If you still dont like it add eyeshadow to your eyes to take away attention. Anyway everybody expierences jealousy my friend is a d cup and shes 13 and I am flat chested dont worry about having BIG LIPS

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hello there.. I think... a big lip is a sexy lip.. and I wish I could have it... but I couldnt... :(

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bebe my lips are big too
I don't know why people would make fun of u
evry1 I no is jealous of my lips and they tell me all the time

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I know exactly how you feel sweetie my lips are big 2 and mad people be picking on me saying damn jocey your lips are big or some of the guys make mean comments saying I suck dick it gets 2 me a lot but if you really think about it they just hating because they dont got lips like this or just cant kiss lips like this I try 2 be a lil thankful that I got these lips because I know a lot of people that wish they had lips like this but I have a problem though I want the piercing under my lip but I don't know if I should get it because my lips are already big and most people think when you get lip piercings you suck dick I dont wanna get it and more people start saying I give head so my question is can girls with big lips pull off lip rings yes or no because I want it so bad

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Theres not really a way to make your lips look smaller. I would say, don't use bright lipstick, like a red color. That will make them look even bigger. You should pay more attention to your eyes, for example, use eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara, so everyones attention will go to your beautiful eyes, not to your lips.

I also have pretty big lips, they're not exactly huge, but people do tell me they are big. But I don't care! My boyfriend loves them! :D Haha! Look at Angelina Jolie, everyone wants to have her lips. And, no offence, her lips ARE really big. Many women or girls would love to have fuller lips, and just like backbyter said, if you look around on myspace profiles or Funadvice or Facebook, you'll see that a lot of girls are puckering up their lips. (Miley Cyrus does it all the time!)

I wouldn't worry about it to much sweetie:)

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