What brands of beer are better than Budweiser?

I need to expand out my drinking horizons to include new beers. I want to try an imported beer or maybe a hard cider, but I need some advice before I waste my money on bad booze. Bars around here are really seedy and so I prefer to drink at home. I have drank Budweiser for so long that I really need to try a new beer.

Answer #1

Leinenkugel Red lager. My favorite beer and believe I have tried almost anything: Rhino Chaser, Mrs Puckers’ hemp beer, vanilla beer, chocalate beer, all kinds and I must say Leinenkugel is my personal favorite and sometimes Tornado Ale by Pony Express Brewing Company but it may be hard to find, it kinda has a twang to it.

Answer #2

Personally, anything is better than Bud! Enough said, Sam Adams is a good beer and there are many more out there. Try buying a 6- or 12-pack of a differenet kind each week until you find something you really like. If you are really brave, try looking for some local mini-breweries and see if you like there beers. As a last resort, you could join a beer of the month club and let them select beers for you.

Answer #3


This is the most popular beer in Spain and I love it… It is made by the dutch, you cant get it in the uk in most bars..

oh well

there you go!

Answer #4

Great question! I often run into the same problem as i get so tired of the same thing all the time (I’m a Coors guy myself). Usually I just pick up something different and try it out. Seeing as I’m not the best in this arena I’d do what my dad does, he’s much more of a beeresuire than I lol. He participates in a beer of the month club, you can find many of these online and they pretty muh range in price depending on how much beer you want. for a simple 6 pack of six different beers every month you can find some very reasonable prices. Then simply when you find something you like, order some more of it from the same site! I’ve noticed that beer and drinks in general tend to be a very personal thing and taste varys greatly from one person to the next so I think you gotta find what is right for you.

Answer #5

miller lite heineken coolers lite bush barcardi coco

my fave funneling

ever try coconut rum?


haha spelling is bad. but yeah i quit bc at 16 drinkin 5 days a week isnt good had a few run in with the coppers

Answer #6

IF you want cheap and good tasting with a high alcohol vm go with 211 Steal Reserve

Answer #7

I love to experiment, my favorite thing to do is go to the store and whatever is ON SALE, with the best deal take it home and try it. U save money and try a new beer… I’ve found a lot of great beers that way. I love Corona and Hefeweizen… Both are great w/ the lime/lemon! Stripe is a good one I tried last week.

Answer #8

Sam Adams, dude. Red Stripe. Any German beer. Any other beer. Period.

Answer #9

You probably don’t have this beer… but if you ever get a chance to drink it you should.

Alright, I’m a chick and I admit I’m picky when it comes to alcoholic beverages. It used to be all fruity liquor drinks until I tried Yeungling! It is the oldest brewery in America and you can only really get it on the east coast. The oldest building for the brewery is a few blocks from my house so you see Yeungling is at all the bars here. It’s made with corn not wheat, it’s the only beer I’ll drink. It sounds Chinese but the name is actually German.

I got variety packs for many of my midwest friends and they all want more! http://www.yuengling.com/

I myself prefer light lager but I’ll drink them all.

Answer #10

Miller High Life Heiniken

Answer #11

busch, dude.

Answer #12

Labat Blue is good, but your should try some Lagers.

Answer #13

Anything is better than Budweiser LOL!

Answer #14

none its godd

butt wkd isnt exactly lager but its nice =D

Answer #15

i dont drink it/that stuff it has rocks in it.sorry.

Answer #16

Hamms. :]

Answer #17

First of all, you have to understand that “beer” is actually a family of drinks, each with their own characteristics. What you might deep “shitty and gross”, might actually be a style of beer you just didn’t mesh with.

Mainstream American beers are mostly lagers, and that is probably the most accessible and watered down beer you will find. If you want to try something a little more heavy duty than a lager but not as intense as porters and stouts, you could try a wheat beer. Summer is a good time to go for it if you are a little insecure in your masculinity, because some people might think you are a little “girly” if get one outside of that season (which is weird to me, considering that most mainstream beer is considerably more wimpy). Make sure you drink that bad boy with a slice of freeze squeezed lemon.

In general, the more you pay the higher quality the beer probably is. The more colorful, flashy, and corporate looking, the lamer the beer probably is. You might not like it and think it sucks, but there is a good chance that you just haven’t developed a taste for that type of beer.

I am not super-knowledgeable about this, but it seems to me (around here, anyway) that really great beers are often sold by the bottle (not as a six pack or a case), so my advice would be to find a store in the area that carries boutique and import and go for one or two bottles at random, then fill out the rest of your night with a six-pack of cheep beers. That’s not to say that there aren’t some awesome boutique/local beers sold as a six pack…

But yeah, I would go for the 1 or 2 bottles of expensive beer, and always grab a six pack of fallback beer. This way you can systematically try out every type of beer you can find (look at the labels, take a look at the wikipedia entry on “beer”).

Looking for the “best beer” is pointless and stupid, much like looking for the “best” anything. Gradually experience the various styles and you will learn what you like on your own. Follow your taste buds. This is a process of self-discovery and masculine identity-building. Know what you like, and why you like it.

P.S. Beer is always better from a glass, regardless of the macho BS that other young dudes will try to push on you. A man who allows himself to experience the full gamut of sensual pleasures in life is appealing to women. Allow your inner hedonist to flourish. It’s awesome.

Answer #18

Actually the main cereal ingredient in beer is barley. American beers do not use all barley because Americans like a lighter color and flavor so brewers substitute some corn to lighten the beer. There are wheat beers but mainly in Germany. Even wheat beer is mostly malt with some wheat added for the distinctive flavor it produces. I don’t care for wheat beer though it is some of my friends favorite style.

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