What basic moves do you have to have for a cheerleader

What basic stunts/moves do beginner cheerleaders have to have before they can try out for a team? Like, cartwheels, handstands, ect

Answer #1

okay so I’ve been a cheerleader my whole life. I’ve done competitive allstar cheer fer about 8 years, and then varsity fer 2 and peewee fer like 6 years, all in all it totals to 16 years. and I noe fer a fact that tumbleing deff helps! im a tumbler and I hate dancing and im the strongest base on my old florida allstar team, but the basic stuff you need to noe is:

motions: high V, low V, T, touchdown, etc. and fer jumps: toe-touch, pike, hurkey, side-hurdler, and tuck jump.

I also agree with fameallstar’s comment very highly, everybody on here is focusing on tumbleing wayy too much. competitive is all about tumbleing but hey, if you dont have it, dont fret! you dont NEED tumbleing to be on the squad, if you cant tumble, you can just dance or stunt. like I said earlier, I hated to dance and I was strong so I just tumbled and stunted and when it came time to dance I did like a 2 count dance then tumbled and squated down behind people while they finished thee dance lol.

hope I helped :).

Answer #2

That depends on what type of cheering you’re doing.

If it’s school, you’re focusing too much on tumbling. Tumbling is good, but to start off, it would be helpful to know your motions. High V, low V, etc. You should focus on executing your motions and and being tight. For school, there seems to be a lack of properly trained coaches in tumbling and you’re at higher risk of hurting yourself. I would stick with taking lessons at an Allstar Gym in your area to teach you tumbling.

If it’s Allstar (what I do), once again, start with motions, and then excel on tumbling. You should have coaches who will guide you on the basics whether or not you have them.

Hope this helps :)

Answer #3

ok well I’ve been cheering for 10 years =] you need to have a round off cart wheel toe touch hurkey and know how to tumble =] needf to know any thing more mshg me =]

Answer #4

Your most important thing to have down is your back handspring and your toe touch.

Answer #5

toe touch hurky and pike (jumps)

to be on my team you have to have a cart wheel back hand spring and a front hand spring


basket toss and tabel top

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