What are your little 'OC' qualities?

So yeah, some people think they are sort of OC (obsessive-compulsive) without having been diagnosed with OCD. I guess some people just have a set ritual on some things.

I dont have OCD but there are some stuff that im very particular about:

  1. Everytime I go to the kitchen, I need to check the gas range twice. I mean I know its turned off but somewhere in my head tells me I need to check it.

  2. Everytime I light up a match, I need to blow the fire out, soak it in water, look at the wood thing if there’s still fire on it (I know there’s none but I cant help it, I still need to see it), shake it, and then throw it on the trash can.

  3. When I need to go around something, I do so counterclockwise. it feels different and wrong if its clockwise (I dont know why) :S

  4. I guess this is more of a preference than an OC quality but when I write a paper, the paragraphs need to be justified (not left align, or center, or right. it needs to be justified). it bothers me if the format of the paragraphs are not aligned straight.

Also, the paragraphs need to be cut up. it bothers me to see a whole bunch of sentences in one paragraph though they aren’t meant to be in the same paragraph. This is probably one of the reasons I dont answer very long questions here that are stacked up in one paragraph. its hard to read. :S

I’d like to think other people have quirky OC qualities too :S What are yours, if you have some? Or for those with diagnosed OCD, what are your rituals?

  • edit: no disrespect intended for this who may deem this a sensitive issue, this is a merely a question. :-)
Answer #1

my mom calls me pedantic and my mates say I do have a ocd…

ill let you decide.

everything and I mean everything has to be straight.. I have my dvd player under my video which is under my virgin box.. their checked many times during the day to make sure nobody has touched/moved them even if nobody has been in my pad…

if im driving down the road and I have 1 window open at say 2 inches then the other side will have to be open the exact same ammount and I have a 6 inch ruler in my glove box to make sure they are the same size.. and im exactly the same with my seats… if someone tall gets in and moves the position of the passenger seat so its further back than mine I cringe and as soon as they get out even if their coming back I have to put it exactly back the way it was.

everything must be clean and I clean my toilet 2 times a day and change my bed sheets everyday as I find if I dont I feel dirty and cant cope with feeling dirty cus it makes me angry.

shoes have to be taken off when people enter my house, if they dont they dont come in and I have to have them positioned neatly in my special shoe cupboard otherwise it looks like my flat is untidy (see above)

I have a prepayment electric and gas meter.. my electric meter came with £40 emergency credit but my gas with only £5.. I changed my gas supplier so I could have £40 emergency on that too.. (see everything being equal/straight)

I also have a problem walking on cracks in the pavement and ill happily skip/jump over them cus I think if I dont it could crack more and ill fall into it…

Answer #2

I need to sleep with my ipod :) I can’t seem to manage without it. It’s comforting to have music blast in my ears as I doze off into the depths of dreamland.

I can’t sleep with socks, it doesn’t work for me and I end up wide eyed - in bed - unsuccessful at my sleep attempts. I’m not sure if these even count but I tried :)

Answer #3

Anything that is a habit can be classified as “OCD” do you hang your keys in the same place everyday, put your wallet in the same place. I think everyone has alittle bit of OCD since our lives are based on repitition. YOur daily routine is OCD. Its life.

Answer #4

Maybe I should change the title to ‘what are some stuff you’re particular about?’ I’m even tempted to delete the question if its possible to prevent misinterpretations :S

thanks mikeh for clarifying. I couldn’t have worded it out better. that’s the reason I put a caveat in the end, I know some people really have anxiety attacks because of their OCD and its deeply insensitive to like, take this issue lightly. :S

Answer #5

Only really ‘OC’ (or maybe paranoid) thing I do is I have to make sure the door is locked before I got to bed. I usually lock it as soon as I come in the house any ways, but I need to physically go over and touch the lock to make sure its locked, I can’ t just look at it at from across the room to make sure its locked. If I don’t physically make sure its locked I can’t fall asleep.

Other than that I really like things to be even or equally. Hate odd numbers :P.

Answer #6

torturdchaos… I do that too. Well I can still fall asleep, but I get a little bit antsy. How do you know the lock isn’t quite ALL the way locked unless you check it yourself, right?

Another thing I used to do when I was younger was whenever I would eat licorice, I would like the ones with big pinched ends at the top and bottom. And I would start with the smaller of the two, bite it, and chew it on the left side of my mouth. Then I would alternate which sides to chew it on until I get to the bigger pinched end, and I would ALWAYS have to chew that on the right side of my mouth. It was funny because whenever someone asked me for a licorice I had to inspect them all and give them one with the smallest pinched ends.

Looking back it was the weirdest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve since kicked the habit and now enjoy licorice a lot more since I can take gigantic bites. =)

Answer #7

I am definitely particular about my nighttime/bed routine.

I must take my vitamins first, otherwise can’t sleep with the taste in my mouth. Then I brush my teeth, floss, brush again and listerine twice, in that order. Once in bed, I can’t be wearing socks, so those come off. My bedtime clothes HAVE to fit me snugly or else I’ll feel trapped/tangled in them. I must have a glass of water and take a sip once I get into bed. Then I apply Chapstick, or I simply can’t sleep.

Answer #8

fun_guy, you have the typical notion of what OCD is, a notion that is completely wrong. OCD is not a habit, and OCD is not a quirk. OCD is not strongly preferring that some things be done a certain way. Your daily routine is NOT OCD.

People suffering from OCD feel the need to perform rituals or behaviors in order to alleviate intense internal anxiety. Many feel, for instance, that something catastrophic will happen if they do not, say, open a door a certain number of times, touch parts of their body, touch objects, say words. In its strongest expressions, it is absolutely crippling, as people become locked into performing these rituals over and over and over in an effort to stave off what they believe will be chaos, calamity, destruction, and death,

Putting your wallet in the same place every day is a far cry from turning your light switches on and off for hours at a time to prevent your house from falling down.

polystyrenehigh, I know you already established that you weren’t really talking about OCD, but fun_guy needed some learnin’. Sorry to hijack your post.

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