What are your favorite music videos?

What are your favorite music videos?

My top ones:

My Chemical Romance- Helena Leann Rimes- Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way Paolo Nutini- Last Request (the version where he robs the jewelry store) Fallout Boy- Dance Dance Fuel- Bad Day Incubus- Warning Rhianna- Umbrella All American Rejects- Move Along Nickelback- Savin’ Me Shakira- La Tortura Faith Hill- Cry Tantric- Mourning Evanescence- Everybody’s Fool Pink- Who Knew Keith Urban- Once In A Lifetime Kelly Clarkson- Walk Away Pussycatdolls- Buttons Britney Spears- I’m A Slave 4 You

Answer #1

hmm hmmm hmm

  1. Kevin Devine “brooklyn boy”
  2. Brand New “Sic Transit Gloria … Glory Fades”

enjoy. all on the tube, the youtube

Answer #2

Hey There Delilah- Plain White T’s Write You a Song (Pon and Zi version)-Plain White T’s Take Me Away- Plain White T’s Helena- My Chemical Romance

Answer #3

“The Compromise” by The Format (done in stop motion origami- wicked!!!) “Take Me Away” by Lash (hot girl band with crazy flaming plastic dolly) “Envy” by Ash (takes the mickey out of other bands, and Charlotte’s purple dress is hot)

They’re all on youtube if you feel like watching :)

Answer #4


Okay, I watched them all!

The Compromise- reminded me of EARLY South Park! Take Me Away- creepy dolls! I have heard the song in a movie I think?! Envy- love the cameo by Andy D ick!

Answer #5

I liked helena also… and la tortura. But my favorites are always Gorillaz videos. xD Ummm… Hit That by The Offspring was original because of the style. :D haha pretty fly by them is funnayyy. I dont really know, I like lots! :D

Answer #6

Helena (of course I’m a MCR freak) Lol And also my like all time favorite that is actually a bit above “Helena” would be: “Im Not Okay (I Promise)” By: You guessed it, MCR. Lol.

Answer #7

I agree on Helena, I love it, though it’s really sad… We cheer it up by ‘singing’ along with singstar… we make the voices really silly, and it really looks like he is singing. Dance dance, Fall Out Boy is good. I love love love Bad Day, Daniel Powter You may notice these are all from singstar, pop hits… They just gathered up all my fave video clips, and dumped them on singstar, just for me! Lol, Britz

Answer #8

heathersaw05: “I need you to get out of my cab… NOW! …Thank you for your co-operation.”

I also thought the video for “I write Sins not Tragedies” by Panic! at the Disco was a good video. I’m not as big on the band though (I thought they were great when they first came out, but that faded).The Lash video is a combination of the video and the song- for any other song, I’d probably think it was pretty lame, but that song just makes it. I like the video for “Behind these hazel eyes” by Kelly Clarkson too… solely because she looks so stunning in that wedding dress!

Answer #9

I like Buttons, and move along too! But I also love Diddy- Come to me Christina A- Fighter Kenny Chesney- You save me Death Cab-Ill follow you into the Dark (there is 2- the one with the bunnies… makes me cry- me and my fiances song :) ) Postal Service- Such Great Heights (random video.. but love the song) Faith Hill-The Way you love me

I could go on and on…

Answer #10

everybody’s fool by evanescence the way she feels by between the trees 18 video tapes by jason meadows (made me cry) my world by sick puppies plus lots more!

Answer #11

Dance dance by fall out boy This Ain’t a Scene its an arms race by fall out boy The Kill by 30 seconds to mars Our Song by Taylor swift

Answer #12

Helena, S.O.S, Beep, sk8or boy, happy ending, Lonely, ect. I like videos.

Answer #13

Britney Spears! Hit me baby one more time :]


Answer #14

I must agree with All-American Rejects’ “Move Along”. That has to be the best I’ve seen lately.

Answer #15

teenagers by mcr im not okay by mcr sk8er boy by avril lavigne complicated by avril lavigne I luv em both!!!

Answer #16

Helana is defo one of mine. But my all tym fav is avenged sevenfolds seize the day. It makes me cry. Lol.

Answer #17

Thee fav would have to be..um..

Rather; We’re in this Together Now - Nine Inch Nails or Ah like all of the Linkin Park ones..

Answer #18

ha have you seen that Finger11’s Paralyzer video? Awww it kicks A S S !! if you like Helena…you must see it…

Answer #19

Paralyzer Is it? Thats one of my favorite songs… I got to watch that now. Lol.

Answer #20

Paralyzer is pretty cool… reminds me of that AIDS commercial on MTV, lol!

Answer #21

pcd buttons for sure..flippen yum!!! then shakira la tortura..my god..hot hot hot

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