What are the sacraments of the cathlic church?

What are the Sacraments of the Cathlic Church?
Just wondering.

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oh and holy orders...I forgot that one..

baptism, first communion, reconciliation or confession, confirmation, marriage, holy orders ( if applicable) and anointing of the sick..

I believe that is all of them

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I'd funmail arthur101 if he's still around - he's training to be a priest! From the top of my head, I know they include baptism, marriage, confession, communion/mass - what have I forgotten?

Have you heard of universal churches?

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Last rites also...

Who knows what the Church Of Scientology is?
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anointing of the sick

Is anyone active in church?

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Don't forget your last rights, first communion and confirmation

Does your church have Pot Lucks every other Sunday or something?

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