What are the requirements for cheerleading tryouts?

I am in 8th gradem and trying out for cheerleading at maine south and I was wondering what are some requirements for cheerleading team, please help, thanks! kaitlyn<3

Answer #1

I don’t know if it’s going to be the same for you because I tried out in high school but we had to, 1.Know the arm motions. Like high V, touchdown, that kind of stuff. The judges would call out about five random motions and you had to do them. REMEMBER MAKE EVERYTHING YOU DO STIFF AND SHARP! 2.We had a partner that we tried out with. We had to come up with our own cheer. Our own words and hand motions and everything and we had to present that to the judges. 3.We also had to pick three different jumps. Like a toe touch or a side hurdler. We got to pick those ourselves to show the judges. If you don’t get very high don’t worry. Form matters most. Keep everything sharp, toes pointed, clean landings. 4.We also did a tumbling pass which is show them what tumbling you can do. Cartwheels, round offs,hand springs, rolls, walkovers, ect. 5.The last thing we had to do was a team cheer which we learned a couple of days before try outs and had to preform it with about 10 other girls.

Good luck! and just remember to keep everything sharp. be stiff and have good form. smile a lot! be very peppy and loud. im sure you will make it :)

Answer #2

Each team is different! But somethings you must remember to have when being a cheerleader is;

  1. Smile! This is probably one of the most important things to remember when cheerleading, no one likes a boring cheerleader haha. 2.Stiff and clean arm motions. They must also be sharp. 3.Have good high jumps. Always make sure your toes are pointed, and clean landings. 4.Have a loud voice! Being a quiet cheerleader won’t get you anywhere. 5.Tumblingg, show what skills you have for tumbling passes, cartwheels, round-offs ect.ect. 6.Also be prepared to learn whatever cheers they have for you! and last, have fun!
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