What are the codes on a massachusetts lottery scratch ticket?

What are the winning and losing codes on a Massachusetts lottery scratch ticket?

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lol. Ok. I don't know - but, the lottery ticket venders are legally obligated to be fair...so, if you take the ticket to a vendor, you can find out exactly what you won (if anything) :) Good luck.

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:) If we knew that...well, we'd be rich, right? Gambling isn't a very good way to make money...it is, however, a pretty profitable business.

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Apparently I didn't ask the question correctly! What I meant is...What do those three letter codes represent AFTER the ticket is scratched. Supposedly they stand for either the dollar amount that you won and/or reassure you that it is a losing ticket andit's safe to throw it away. I would hate to have overlooked a winning ticket by mistake and throw it way...For example...I know that if the ticket is a $10 winner the code is T E N. Hopefully this better explains my question. thanks!

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