What are the chances of being pregnant when you use a condom?

If you have sex and use a condom, what are the chances of being pregnant? Like what are the chances of the condom breaking and stuff?

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Usually the condom will break if you are having sex that is too dry. Make sure that the guy gets you going before he puts it in ;)

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by themselves if used correctly they are around 98% effective
but determining how strong, ect they are is impossible
as it involves a lot of other factors
like having a condom in your wallet for too long will weaken it
as well as keeping them near the sun for too long
both those will weaken them

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Well, normally they are 98% effective but for some of us they do fail.

And yes we used it correctly and it didn't break. Mature responsible person that I am also used spermicide with it and it still failed me.

So, anytime you have sex there is always a chance, so be prepared.

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Condoms are 98% effective if used properly.
They can break, have a hole in them, or other things though. There is always a chance of getting pregnant if you are having sex.

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just make sure the condom doesnt rip
when used properly they are 98% effective

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Not an oil based lubricant either that can damage the condom.

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If you use a condom (correctly) and it doesn't break (I don't have a percentage for this, but it's RARELY) then they are 98% effective.

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