What are the best places to visit in New Mexico?

I’ll be visiting for a few months. What are some recommended places to go- tourist spots, places off the well-beaten path, great restaurants, great hotels, festival, you name it.

Answer #1

the place where those mutants from the hills have eyes live…make sure you bring fire arms and such…and exploives…just incase…lol

Answer #2

If you love wolves, try the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in Ramah, NM (1 hour south of Grants). It’s a trip through the Malpais and part of the checkerboard reservation. Look up their name .org.

If you want Navajo rugs (weavings) look up the Crownpoint Rug auction. It’s an hour or so north of Grants.

The Plaza in Santa Fe is typical: Locals sell jewelry and art, there’s the Palace of the Governors (history), and the church with a miraculous staircase (religious/architectural).

There’s the Tramway in Albuquerque, a funicular (cable car?), up the west face of the Sandia Mtns, best at sunset, if pricey. Breathtaking heights.

Madrid, a little town between Albuquerque and Santa Fe on 14–old mining town, now artsy. Golden is another wide spot on that same road–best place for prices on local jewelry.

The VLA–very large array, is west of Socorro-at least one hour. It’s a half-dozen satellite dishes–very spacey.

Our state question is “Red or green?”–They want to know what color of chile (the pepper, not the texas meat mix) you want with your food. Ask “Which is hotter?” Unless you have a preferred flavor–I like green, others like red. El Pinto is famous, so is Sally’s on 2nd (I think), I like Monroe’s.

There’s Carlsbad Caverns–hikes in huge caves, very dark, very deep, very cool (temp and beautiful). Watch the lecture at sunset when the bats leave for the night.

White sands MIssile range–gypsum dunes. The Trinity Test Site.

Good luck! It’s a long drive between each place, but so open. And there’s a town called Pie Town.

Answer #3

Taking the tram to the top of Sandia Crest in time to see the sunset is very worthwhile. The restaurant at the top is excellent and the city lights after dark are beautiful.

The pueblos are worth visiting. The Acoma pueblo is atop a mesa. There’s a bus at the base that will take you to the top. Their pottery is beautiful. The Jemez (hay-mas) pueblo turns out some striking black pottery. Taos is not just a ski resort. The town is like Santa Fe was before it went Hollywood and got Disneyfied. If you are in Santa Fe, after the Georgia O’Keefe museum get away from the square and visit Canyon Road for the galleries and shops. In Taos visit the pueblo, it hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years. They aren’t much for pottery, but do make other crafts.

Chimayo has some of the best rugmakers. While there dine at Rancho De Chimayo.

Answer #4

Taos New Mexico is the only place I have been. It is beatiful though. Lots of cute little peublo houses and lights and art and music and festivals. It’s in the Northern part, not far from the Colorado border.

Answer #5

It’s great to visit Carlsbad cavern in southern New Mexico. It is the largest cavern in the world. And if I am wrong it is still gigantic. They have plenty tour to go on and they are rated from hard to easy and age levels. Carlsbad cavern is a must see sight in New Mexico.

Answer #6

ummm I don’t know never been 2 new mexico before duummm biotch

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