What are somethings i can say to make this guy hard?

okay first of all we're not with each other right now... I just want to say some stuff thatll make him hard lol...

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I'm an expert.
You should tell him what you would do with him if you were alone, while rubbing against him or you can also lick your lips make them wet so he can feel the desire to kiss you. and that will make something rise down there.

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Ask Him Or Her What Flava you Taste Like Then When you Get The answer Say you Would Like To Taste And see What The Person Sayz

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just say this... "I want you inside me!" it works almost every time but make sure you say it when he least expects it. and if you text it it works even better.

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I'm a guy and I love it when a girl kisses my neck, gives me hickeys or um running her hands up and down my tummy lol turns me on

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I dont think there is anything you could say to make him hard but if you were to touch or rub him that would work !!

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Your not with him? Why do you feel the need to wanna make him hard? You looking for some action?

*I seriously DONT understand teen girls today.*

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