What are some metalcore/screamo songs you like to listen to?

I want to know what your fave punk,emocore,metalcore,screamo band/song is.

also, you can share your fave techno or pop-alternative songs too(:


Answer #1

wow. fast answers(: thanks you all for sharing. some of my fave bands are:

escape the fate slipknot black veil brides bring me the horizons heaven shall brun drowning pool my chemical romance white zombie alesana hawthorne heights red jumpsuit appratus panic! at the disco blood on the dancefloor medic droid casiokid nine inch nails arch enemy chiodos cities burn hopes die last dear whoever modern day escape every time I die a change of peace senses fail heavy heavy low low fear before the march of flames karate high school 39 crazyfits owl city nevershoutnever attack attack brokencyde breathe carolina watch out! theres ghosts enter shikari eyes set to kill I set my friends on fire the devil wears prada dance gavin dance underoath bullet for my valentine fall out boy scary kids scaring kids thursday from first to last envy heroin ampere a day in black and white the used anomania acidbath before their eyes ages end bleed the dream know margaret beneath the sky aiden I killed the prom queen ampulated we the kings orchid joshua fit for battle tokio hotel our last night drope dead, gorgeous irish front otep it dies today saves the day sky eats airplane smile empty soul bayside set your goals the early november dr. acula not for now architecs armor for sleep parkway drive chaos blood kill hannah mayday parade death cab secondhand serenade goo goo dolls three days grace nirvana obsourne circle takes the square AFI megadeath linkin park bowling for soup green day yellow card from autumn to ashes story of the year finch come back kid machine head no means no red spazz refused code-13 botch bracewear mastodon

Answer #2

Family Force 5;;Slipknot;;The Devil Wears Prada;;Drop Dead, Gorgeous;;Forever the Sickest Kids Those are my favorites.

Answer #3

Follow Me Down;3OH!3 The Downfall Of Us All;A Day To Remember New Again;Taking Back Sunday Stella;All Time Low Hello Fascination;Breathe Carolina She’s a Lady;Forever the Sickest Kids Yeah Boy And Doll Face;Pierce The Veil The Truth;Relient K I’m Not A Theif I’m A Treasure Hunter;A Skylit Drive Jamie All Over;Mayday Parade Seduction;Alesana Don’t Do It Kid(I Never Had A Choice);Cities Never Sleep Still Fly (Big Tymers);The Devil Wears Prada Two Birds, One Stone;Drop Dead, Gorgeous Get Your Back Off The Wall (3oh!3 Remix);Family Force 5 Redeption;For Today well actually For Today is my favv band of all xD xD

Answer #4

for today: agape

Answer #5

mmm… soad…

Answer #6

if you want some hardcore screamo…

slipknot. bring me the horizon as I lay dying

Answer #7

gwen stacey-the fear in your eyes

asking alexandria-alerion

Answer #8

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong by Emmure.

Answer #9

eyeless - slipknot hand of blood - bullet for my valentine die boom bang burn f* - dope knives and pens -

  • bring me the horizon confined - as I lay dying

hit me up for more

Answer #10

all time low…its a band nevershout never…biggest fan perfect measure…its a band 3oh!3 all the songs there AWSOME! lol hope I helped

Answer #11

Afterlife- Avenged Sevenfold Apology- Alesana Ride the wings of pestilence- from first to last american idiot- green day (had to put it down.. just came on my mp3 lol how epic)

Answer #12

I like listening to Brokencyde, some Flyeaf, Evanescence, some Papa Roach, 30 Seconds to Mars, Green Day, some AFI, some My Chemical Romance, some Mindless Self Indulgence, etc. It’s better for me to list bands because if I list songs then that would take forever

Answer #13

Damn, those are the exact same bands I listen to, except for 30 Seconds to Mars and Mindless Self Indulgence. Who are they?

Answer #14

Mindless self indulgence! Gosh, I love Jimmy<3 That’s where my username comes from. Serj Tankian + Jimmy Urine. Hehehe. :) Serjimmy :D Seen them live a few times, youtube them if you’d like :) 30 seconds to mars done “From yesterday” and “The Kill” - You probably qoud have heard them. As I said, youtube them, you might already know the songs ;D

Answer #15

Biggest fan? I don’t think so ;)

Answer #16

Will do ^.^

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